Business Central April 2022

72 | RTA Studio: Scion Innovation Hub Timber put to innovative use T from page 70 Each side of the building has a different density of colour to respond to the amount of sunlight it gets. ARCHITECTURE With clever thinking from Dunning Thornton Consultants even the node junctions were achieved using finger jointed connections to the timber structural members when typically steel would be required. But Adam is quick to point out that timber wasn’t used just for the sake of it but rather when it made sense and was appropriate. Reducing operational carbon, the carbon associated with operating a building, such as electricity, was also a focus of the design and the team looked at ways to implement passive design aspects. For example a double façade - two layers of glass with an air chamber between – helps to control the internal environment of the building. “In cooler weather it pre-heats air and that air is then released into the building so the mechanical air conditioning system doesn’t have to work as hard. In summer it protects the building from over exposure to sunlight and overheating.” Coloured pattern work across the façade likewise contributes acting as a shading device. Everything was carefully calculated; each side of the building has a different density of colour to respond to the amount of sunlight it gets. Reducing carbon is a topic close to the heart of RTA Studio – while Aotearoa is going carbon neutral by 2050 so is RTA Studio. It is already accredited by Toitu as a carbon neutral company. “When we talk about climate change, there can be no ignoring the fact that building construction is a major culprit – and that the industry as a whole is largely self-serving. We’re part of the problem, which makes it our problem. “But it’s also a challenge. A challenge that calls on the very stuff we hang our hats on: ingenuity, creativity, and a commitment to making an ultimately positive impact on Aotearoa’s built environment. And Te Whare Nui o Tuteata Scion Innovation Hub is a great example of that. We are committed to a sustainable built environment and are at the forefront developing carbon neutral buildings,” says Adam. He says that working on this project, which won a 2021 New Zealand Architecture Award, was a great learning experience for everyone: “We had the best talent in New Zealand in this area working on this project and we learned a lot that we can now take into other projects. We’re certainly always looking for ways to grow our knowledge in this area to improve New Zealand’s built environment.” We supply innovative and performance tested suspended ceiling systems, acoustic ceiling solutions and decorative wall treatments. Our products are installed into a wide range of applications including offices, restaurants and hospitality, call centres, supermarkets, gyms, schools, libraries and medical facilities. We supply throughout New Zealand. For help and assistance with your building project contact Ecoplus Systems today! 0800 432 675 8 View Road, Rotorua Ph: (07) 348 5370 Fax: (07) 348 5367 Email: 123 Riri Street, Mangakakahi Rotorua 3015 T: 07 348 5608 E: Superior air conditioning services in the Bay of Plenty • Sales & Installation • Repairs & Maintenance • Other Services (Heating & ventilation systems, Extraction systems, Geothermal Systems, Underfloor heating, Refrigeration) If you need any of these services, contact our experts today! P: 07 308 5596 E: 38 Valley Rd, Whakatane Supporting building excellence in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato Specialists in Structural and Seismic Strengthening for Commercial and Residential work, General Steel Work, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, All Fabrication &Welding. Heavy Engineering & Earthmoving Equipment