Business Central December 2021

14 | CentrePort Ltd: Seaview Project DEVELOPMENT Critical wharf upgrade going ahead T T Richard Loader Licensed NZ Customs Controlled Area Biosecurity Approved Transitional Facility 100% NZ owned and operated Specialising in Container Cartage, Warehousing and Distribution 8 Toop Street Seaview t: (04) 939 1511 f: (04) 939 1514 e: L ocated on the eastern side of Wellington Harbour, CentrePort’s Seaview Wharf and its pipeline are integral to the fuel supply for both Wellingtonians and the rest of the lower North Island. A critical lifeline asset for Wellington, the facility supplies all land fuel as far away North as Ohakea — encompassing about 20% of New Zealand’s population. If you are visiting a petrol station in Marton for example, it will have been transported from Seaview. The fuel facility is comprised of three assets including a main wharf structure positioned T T to page 16 out in the harbour and is effectively a special berth designed for fuel tankers to connect to the pipeline to discharge bulk fuel. A long, thin approach wharf with a fuel line connects the main wharf to the landside pipe- line that carries the fuel to a tank farm. The facility has served Wellington very well, but it is now fifty years old and, while its operation was not impacted, the structure suffered some damage in the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake. It is now time for a significant upgrade of the critical infrastructure to make it more resilient and bring it up to international stand- ards for ship berthing and bulk fuel discharge. The Seaview Energy Resilience Project is collaboration between CentrePort, which owns the wharfside infrastructure, and fuel companies — Z Energy, BP and Mobil — who own the fuel pipeline. John Tulloch, CentrePort’s External Relations and Communications Manager says upgrades to the wharf and the pipeline are necessary to ensure that they are as resilient as possible during an event such as an earthquake and to ensure they are future fit for lower carbon fuel types, such as biofuels, and different types of ships. The programme of works for the resilience project is being conducted in three stages: Stage One Pipeline Replacement — wharf to Port Road; Stage Two Seaview Wharf Renew- al; Stage Three Pipeline Replacement — Port Road to storage tanks. “The landside pipeline renewal project be- gan the beginning of this year and is progress- ing well. “CentrePort is now in the consenting stage for the Main Wharf and Approach Wharf and hope to commence work towards the end of this year or early next year. It is expected to be a two-year project.”