Business Central December 2021

| 69 Splice Construction has recently moved into its brand new, purpose built HQ at Titanium Park, Hamilton Airport. CONTRACTING Splice Construction Since 1992, Steelgal NZ has designed and supplied lighting and roading solutions with a commitment to life-saving innovation that sets it apart as a market leader. “Our barriers save lives,” says Steelgal NZ product manager Will Young. “It’s all about reducing fatalities and making our roads safer. That’s what we do.” Will says Steelgal NZ’s worldwide partners are the most innovative in the world, particularly Australian designer, manufacturer, and supplier of guardrails and safety barriers, Safe Direction. Safe Direction was the irst company to provide an approved full crash tested end to end MASH compliant steel beam guardrail system, setting the standard and future proo ing roading networks around Australasia. Safe Direction continues to expand its range of innovative products. “Our partners are at the top of their ield, and they are all very ethical. They care about their designs and what they manufacture, always with safety as irst concern. So do we, and that’s why we partner with the best.” Steelgal NZ’s supply partners don’t think New Zealand is too small to worry about. They actively seek feedback, talk through the issues, and make tweaks to solutions to make them e ective for the New Zealand roading environment. Splice Construction is one of Steelgal NZ’s installation partners, and Will says the civil construction irm paved the way for an innovative barrier installation methodology Leading the way in barrier protection that is used throughout New Zealand today. “Splice Construction is innovative, they’re looking at the latest, greatest, and safest. They have faith in the product, and we have faith in their installation. That’s why we like dealing with Splice Construction.” Steelgal NZ supplies the RAMSHIELD® guardrail, the latest innovation and advancement in w-beam guardrail barrier designs. This high energy containment guardrail crash barrier achieves a controlled redirection of errant vehicles by releasing the w-beam guardrail from the post at an optimal load to retain rail height, limit dynamic de lection, and to allow the post to collapse without tripping the vehicle. “RAMSHIELD® has signi icantly advanced the containment level of w-beam guardrail by introducing patented technology into the behaviour of the post during impact,” Will says. “This results in a safer barrier design with fewer components, allowing more metres of barrier to be deployed per public dollar to protect New Zealand motorists.” Now available from Steelgal NZ is the new proprietary bridge barrier solution CrocGuard®, a world- irst with its ability to span across bridges up to 16mwithout any posts on the bridge structure. CrocGuard® is designed for application over weak timber deck bridges, shallow ill culverts, and applications where underground infrastructure prevents installation of posts. DRIVING INNOVATION IN KEEPING NEW ZEALAND SAFE Guardrail - Ramshield Barrier - Wire Rope Barriers - RhinoStop Carpark Barrier - Terminal Ends - Crash Cushions - Timber Barrier Systems Lighting Columns - Street Lighting - Flood light Columns & Towers - Subdivision Lighting - Solar Poles & Solutions Next Generation Solutions DEDICATION | INTEGRITY | SUPPORTIVE | PROGRESSIVE Contact Will Young | Product & Sales Manager 021 477 101 | 09 272 4665 |