Business Central December 2023

52 | T T Hugh de Lacy Water storage work a key focus for company CHB Earthmovers CONTRACTING Proud to support CHB Earthmovers Ltd The widely-predicted threat of a 2023-24 summer drought on the eastern side of the North Island has farmers reaching for their phones to whistle up Central Hawke’s Bay (CHB) Earthmovers to build water reservoirs to ensure their survival. CHB Earthmovers already has a reputation as the go-to company for commercial and private water storage constructions in Hawke’s Bay and the Wairarapa. That’s just one of the company’s farming-friendly services which otherwise include track formation and maintenance, the installation of water systems and culverts, cleaning existing dams, stump removal and contouring paddocks in preparation for the installation of centre-pivot irrigators. The versatility of CHB Earthmovers is further reflected in its quarrying ability: it teamed up with local firm Ruahine Aggregates to supply M4 and AP40 aggregates for the construction of Wellington’s Transmission Gully. It also shows in its now near-constant involvement in suburban sub-divisions, a market niche that launched into a local boom from early this spring and looks likely to keep the company engaged well into 2024 and beyond. The company works with clients to envisage quickly how a section can be developed “from a blade of grass to a house foundation,” Justin Neville says. “Our site-specific detailing and tight budgeting ensure transparency and security for all our clients, regardless of the type of work.” Up in the steep central-island hills, the company has also expressed its versatility in the construction and maintenance of farm forestry tracks, a service that was tested to the limit following the mass of slips and landslides occurring through last winter’s seemingly endless rain-storms. Inevitably CHB Earthmovers was involved in the massive clean-up that followed Cyclone Gabrielle earlier this year, but that work is largely behind it and it’s free to concentrate on its traditional services. Over the 20-odd years of its existence, the company has shown its real strength is in providing water solutions for farmers in these days of human-driven climate warming, when the eastern sides of both islands are expected to see their normally dry summers extend into crippling droughts. It’s been the lead contractor in some of the largest water storage projects to be constructed in the eastern North Island. CHB Earthmovers recently completed a monster project for the storage of 700,000m3 of water, and it has routinely completed others in the 125,000m3 to 400,000m3 range. The company was founded by Justin Neville, now its Managing Director, in 2011, following a career in operating heavy machinery that began back in 2005. Today it has a staff of 20 operating an extensive range of excavation and transport machinery throughout the region. It offers turn-key reservoir services that can take a water storage programme through the invariably tricky stages of gaining resource consent right through to the delivery of the water to the farm. The whole range of farming operations in the Hawke’s Bay and the Wairarapa is serviced by CHB Earthmovers, be they viticultural, horticultural, arable crops or dry-land farming that needs the insurance of a reliable water supply system. businesscentral Each edition priority delivered to your door. . Stay informed; we work with business owners and decision-makers across all economic sectors, pro iling their success. i ; i i i i - ll i , ili i . . . . i i 03 983 5525 03 983 5525 Your Business, Your Industry, Your News. Volume 6 | Issue 2 | April 2021 ‘Excellence in Energy’ Taranaki’s Todd Energy will have a key role to play as New Zealand moves toward a low emissions economy. Page 8 Waikato farmers Dean & Ang Finnerty have expanded their dairy cow operation into a successful goat milking enterprise as well PAGE 10 Turning challenge into opportunity AUTUMN 2022 Volume 6 | Issue 3 | July 2021 Making waves Back on track New Zealand hydrofoil maker Armstrong is generating interest around the world with its high performance products. Work on the ambitious NZCIS facility in Upper Hutt is progressing well after Covid disruptions. PAGE 70 PAGE 10 Healthy delivery A new elective surgery facility in Hastings will provide a big boost to the region’s operating capacity. PAGE 52 Volume 6 | Issue 5 | December 2021 Cheers Boys! YoungWellington irm3Māori Boys is creating a buzz with it’s ground-breakingWai Manuka natural beverage. PAGE 45 Passion and pride New Plymouth’s Energyworks has forged a strong reputation in 50 years of business. PAGE 64 Seaview upgrade CentrePort’s SeaviewWharf facility is set for a major upgrade to bring it up to international standards. PAGE 14 CHB Earthmovers has a staff of 20 operating an extensive range of excavation and transport machinery throughout the region.