Business Central December 2023

94 | Kiwi Built Residential T T Randall Johnston Satisfaction aplenty in unique build The project required a huge amount of planning on tight site. BUILDING A one-of-a-kind build that replicates early 1900’s design in Kelburn, Wellington is nearly complete thanks to the Kiwi Built team, led by Corey Brown. “It’s the best job I’ve ever had. This is the sort of build we have been aiming towards so it’s a great feeling,” Corey says. This magnificent two-storey villa at 81 Bolton St is 350sqm, complete with 100sqm garage and it has been far from a straight-forward build, but a very rewarding one to see come to fruition. Ground on the high-end project was broken in April last year, with a view to completion before Christmas this year. “There was a huge amount of planning involved and so many different aspects to this build, it’s a very tight site too. We had a lot of different types of flooring. “Concrete in places, but then timber laid above. Normally flooring is one of the last things you do, but not on this build. The doors and joinery also went in at an early stage.” “The only ‘old’ part of the house is the flooring. We’ve used a lot of recycled materials. We got the Matai (black pine) out of the old barracks at Shelley Bay, which is 80 - 100 years old and have used that on this build. “That is very hard to come by and fits with the client too, because his father was in the defence force and he used to play in those old rooms as a kid. “It’s nice to be working on something with a bit of character and reclaiming and reusing materials like the Matai, really builds on that and helps to bring it to life.” “The 1910’s era isn’t an easy style to replicate but we are very pleased with the results, this home really shows what we are capable of and I’m so proud of my team and everyone else who has worked on it.” Working as a builder in Upper Hutt and doing jobs on the weekend to get ahead, about 6 years ago Corey realized that he wanted to do things differently and operate with more integrity than some employers in the industry - so went out on his own full time. It’s a decision he hasn’t regretted and he hasn’t looked back since. “I like looking after people and doing the best job I can for them,” Corey explains. “My mate Mark Davidge of Design Builders gave me my first full job and he’s given me a few, big new builds from that point.” “We then aligned ourselves with an architect and then things just completely changed for us.” “I’m lucky to work with Callidus Architects owner Mona Hurnen. She is extremely talented and works on amazing projects that really “The 1910’s era isn’t an easy style to replicate but we are very pleased with the results, this home really shows what we are capable of and I’m so proud of my team and everyone else who has worked on it.” stand out. She a very traditional architect who specialises in heritage building and that’s also the kind of work that we really enjoy doing - so working with her is a great fit really.” “She owns the old police station in central Wellington, which is her office and she owns the old mayor’s house in Featherston, which is a beautiful old villa that we are taking some Rimu out of and repurposing elsewhere in the house.” Corey got to know Mona about a decade ago, when he began renovating her old villa in Whiteman’s Valley, before he was self-employed. “When I went out on my own, I joined an Auckland-based outfit called TPB (The Professional Builder) and out of all the learnings that we took from them on how to run a business (as well as having a positive mindset) one of their recommendations was to align with an architect. “I thought; who do I know who is an architect? And that’s when I reached out to Mona and at that time I was only really doing small stuff and it was quite overwhelming. About a year later she contacted me and I thought, right, I’m going to take this and that was the turning point in the business I would say. Ever since then she’s been using us for everything.” Corey now has a team of three (five if you include him and his wife) and he’s looking to hire a fourth, possibly an apprentice to go alongside one of his guys, who already has a lot of good experience and builds under his belt. “Trying to find builders who do the kind of work we do is very difficult. A lot are proficient at kitset stuff and some of the common modern techniques, but not so much the heritage or niche jobs.” Looking ahead, Corey and his team have a steady stream of work in the pipeline and he is excited at what future builds and clients have in store for them. • Interior and Exterior • Painting and Decorating • New Builds and Renovations Proudly supporting Kiwi Built Residential Ph. 027 337 9989 | Proud to be working with "r;1b-Ѳbv|v bm _-u-1|;u !;moˆ-ࢼomv -m7 ;ub|-]; )ouh WINNER TRENDS INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS