Business North August 2022

100 | GHD Woodhead Creative Spaces Inspiring designs right across the board Sue Russell “We wanted the building to not only be highly functional, enabling a raft of activity to happen inside, but to also make a real statement about the school itself.” Ben Lowe is a senior Architect with GHD Woodhead Creative Spaces, a large architectural practice resulting from the joining of GHD Woodhead and Creative Spaces. The practice offers a broad range of multidiscipline consulting services including architectural, interior design and project management spanning a wide range of projects and has offices based in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch. Through the years GHD Woodhead Creative Spaces has been recognised within the sector for producing outstanding and inspiring designs across commercial, civic, public and private sectors. This year, the practice is again being recognised by its peers as one of six finalists shortlisted in the Education Section of the Auckland branch of Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects awards, for the design and fit-out of Meadowbank school’s new reception/staffroom/classroom block at the entrance of the school. “The new block is situated where an older office/admin building had been right at the entrance to the school. The most obvious place was actually on the school field but that is very precious to the community so we needed to find the best available space and that was where the old building was located,” says Ben. While classroom spaces were needed for the growing school to meet the demands of a broader curriculum delivery, the two-level building is also home to the new admin and reception area situated on the second (entry) level floor, given its sloping site. And being located right on the street front, GHD Woodhead Creative Spaces’ design reflects a thoroughly modern and welcoming ‘front door’ for school community to use and enjoy. “We wanted the building to not only be highly functional, enabling a raft of activity to happen inside, but to also make a real statement about the school itself.” Working with the Ministry of Education and the local School Board in the early stages of possible design options was a case of gathering a good understanding of what the school wanted from the building, where its positioning on the site would be impacted by sun and shade factors. This led to grounding design recommendations for Ministry and school to consider. The project began in 2016 and was completed in 2021. “I thought Accent Construction did a very good job. They are experienced operators in the school environment and we’re doing a number of school projects with them.” Morgan Anderson, Accent Construction and Interiors’ Quality Assurance & Compliance Manager based in Avondale describes the working relationship between themselves and GHD Woodhead as extremely positive. Proud to be involved with Accent Construction on the Meadowbanks School Project Roof and deck membranes Coatings and sealants Underground tanking PEOPLE SAFE, CUSTOMER SATISFIED, JOB DONE An Access | Partners in Property company PLUMBING | GASFITTING | DRAINAGE For your new builds, renovations or maintenance, ProPipe Plumbing offers plumbing, gasfitting and drainage services Auckland wide. 021 046 5554 | | ARCHITECTURE