Business North August 2022

102 | Dorrington Atcheson Architects ARCHITECTURE Striking home triumph of collaboration Sue Russell Black stained timber screens provide a balance between privacy and views out to open spaces. Inside, stairs leading to the master suite draw light into the gallery. A visually striking family home in Westmere, Auckland, designed by Dorrington Atcheson Architects (DAA), is a finalist in this year’s Auckland branch of Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects Awards. Tim Dorrington says that when the client, a family of five, engaged his architecture practice to design the home it helped that he lived in the area and had a family so could understand what was important. “They were looking for a family home and the main impetus leading the design was the wish that everyone in the home had their own space. It’s the owners’ intention to live in this home for some time so it needed to meet the needs of a family growing up,” Tim explains. Guiding its design in part was the situation of the site, bordering Coxs Bay park behind the back yard so finding a balance to provide privacy yet view out to the open space was a priority. The balance was achieved in part through the positioning of black-stained timber screens which incorporate the garage door. These are of various heights and include a curved screen shrouding a bedroom from the street. And outside carefully chosen plantings interact and envelope the home while round stepping stones draw visitors to the front door, changing to concrete platforms along the way. Inside, stairs leading to the master suite draw light into the gallery. On the ground floor the front door opens to an open plan living area to one side and children’s bedrooms, playroom in the other. The black timber screening outside is echoed extensively inside through its use in the entry, kitchen, dining and lounge areas. And replicating the black brick boundary wall at the rear of the section the rear wall of the living room is also black brick. Through the home from the front door, the park can be viewed beyond the backyard and pool. “We also made good use of timber features to contrast the mainly black finishing.” Asked what set this project apart from many Tim says it was the engagement and commitment from the owners that enabled imaginations to flow. “They were committed to doing a good project. One thing I really like is the deep reveal of the 60mm deep x 40mm wide batons, which really make a statement.” And living within “coo-ey” and walking past the home most days Tim says the integration of the landscaping with the home and surrounds is a feature. “We had a great landscaper who really understood how that integration would add real value to the overall impact of the home and the enjoyment for those living in it.” Tim and practice partner Sam Atcheson have been designing homes for over twenty years. Through the years their projects have received many awards and while the bulk of work is in the residential sector, DAA has also undertaken retail and office commissions. “Sam and I worked together previously but when the opportunity presented I coerced him to come into partnership and we haven’t looked back since. We’re both very collaborative in our approach with clients is to engage really well, giving guidance to help them form their vision.” 021 66 32 67 20 Bingley Ave, Epsom 1023 Proudly supporting Dorrington Atcheson Architects 021 362 537 117 Barrett Rd, Riverhead, Auckland 0793 Proud to be a key business partner of Dorrington Atcheson Architects “We also made good use of timber features to contrast the mainly black finishing.”