Business North August 2022

| 109 INTERIORS Tailor Inc. Experience in retail key Virginia Wright Naillington Salon, a nail salon in Wellington’s CBD has been shortlisted for the 2022 Interior Design Awards. Photos: Anna Briggs Tailor Inc. is a respected market leader in Creative Design and Project Management in New Zealand with a combined thirty-five years of experience in the industry. Their line-up of clients and projects include Sotheby’s International Realty, Commercial Bat, Sylvia Park and Les Mills New Zealand to name a few. When they recently completed Naillington, a Nail Salon in Wellington’s CBD, they were thrilled to be shortlisted for the 2022 Interior Design Awards. “Being nominated as a finalist is a testament to the depth of experience within the business across multiple disciplines”, says Julie Coutts, “and this is evidenced by the work we undertake. We not only work in retail but in workplace, hospitality, residential and retirement environments.” When the owners of Naillington Salon sought out Tailor Inc, it was because of the extent of experience they have in retail, having completed similar projects within the same inner city environment. Sophie Gibbs, who has been in the Tailor Inc team for three years specialises in Spatial Design and when coupled with Design Director Julie Coutts, who has worked in high-end residential in London and on international hotels, they were able to work alongside the Naillington Salon owners and create an environment to attract daily commuters in Wellington’s busiest high street, Willis Street. “We wanted to create a special place for people where they could leave the hustle and bustle of life behind,” says Sophie, “when you have a manicure it’s a treat and we wanted to emphasise that”. To meet the brief and create a sense of sanctuary, while working with a seven-metre double height ceiling, Sophie opted for simple, neutral materials of natural timbers and tonal paint colours, working from a palette of creams which changed in colour halfway down the walls, to help to create a sense of intimacy. “Bare but beautiful was our catch-phrase: warm timbers, creams, brass elements and deep green fabrics to give a pop of colour that still related to the overall earthy look and feel. Neutral without being bland, accented with an element of luxury through the brass,” explains Sophie. As the customer enters the salon they find themselves entering a space that feels like a cocoon, inviting relaxation along with the sense of intimacy and privacy that runs through the whole salon. If it’s an experience you want to share with your girlfriends that’s been catered for too, and that sense of being invited to relax into the experience on offer at Naillington is intrinsic to Sophie’s design throughout the salon. “You might not be there for long but we want to give you that sense of comfort and create a space for you to relax in whether you’re on your own or with your friends,” says Sophie. Lighting is a key feature of the salon with a mix of concealed, task and ambient lighting used to help create the desired atmosphere. Subtle curves on fixed interior features such as the signage and the counters align with the soft shaping of finishes to reinforce the sense of relaxation and luxury. Tailor Inc’s workforce of 25 can be found in the heritage Masonic Buckland building in Auckland’s downtown Britomart. Project: Naillington Flooring: Allura Flex - Luxury Vinyl Tile Colour: Whitewash Elegant Oak Installation: Herringbone 0800 800 656 | Congratulations to the Tailor Inc. team on such an outstanding result for Naillington. Thank you for choosing Inzide as your sustainable flooring supplier for this project. @trustprojectsnz +64 21 632 373