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14 | DEVELOPMENT Gibson O’Connor - Pakuranga Park Village Retirement living taken to next level Kelly Deeks The four storey Ruru Apartments building has 32 high-spec two- and three-bedroom residences, with high studs and panoramic views. B&W CONSTRUCTION LTD SPECIALISING IN All concrete construction Light commercial to multi storey Pre-cast Installation of Pre-Cast components Construction of Tilt Panels Any concrete requirements 64 Firth Street, Drury, Auckland P: 09 294 6602 E: PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH GIBSON O’CONNOR Retirement living has been taken to the next level with the stunning new Ruru Apartments at Pakuranga Park Village, built by long-standing commercial construction expert Gibson O’Connor. With 65 years in business, Gibson O’Connor has a proud history and reputation for high quality building, and a portfolio of long-term and repeat clients, testament to the firm’s ability to deliver quality projects and build lasting relationships. Gibson O’Connor has this type of relationship with Pakuranga Park Village, where the construction firm has previously built a community building and an underground carpark. The new luxury apartment building is a larger and more complex project with more intricate detail. “Like everyone in the industry at the moment, we are faced with lots of challenges,” says Gibson O’Connor construction manager Michael Powell. “Our company has been around for a long time and we’ve got lots of experience, and we’re working with clients we have worked with numerous times. These relationship help to provide the sort of environment where we can all work together and come up with proactive solutions to these challenges.” The four storey building has 32 high spec two and three-bedroom residences, with high studs and panoramic views. Each apartment has its own outdoor balcony or patio area for the ground floor apartments. One of the building’s key features and a welcome challenge for Gibson O’Connor’s site manager is its facade, featuring Terreal terracotta cladding and grey metallic Alucolux. “The thing with that facade is it’s quite deceiving,” Michael says. “It looks quite simple but it is very intricate, with deep recessed negative detail and tricky flashing details. It’s certainly a good looking building, and that is testament to our site manager we had on the job.” The construction of Ruru Apartments spanned two years, facing delays due to Covid and another delay when the project had to be consented again when the cladding was changed. Gibson O’Connor handled these challenges on site, progressing other areas of the building while waiting for a new building consent. Current Gibson O’Connor construction projects are facing material procurement issues and price increases, and the firm is working “The thing with that facade is it’s quite deceiving. It looks quite simple but it is very intricate, with deep recessed negative detail and tricky flashing details.” closely with its clients to procure materials early on, as well as proactively looking for alternatives to materials that aren’t in stock. “If we sit back and do nothing about it, we are the ones that suffer delays on site. Most of our people have been in the industry for a long time, they’ve got a lot of knowledge so we’re fairly well place to deal with these things.” When Auckland was in lockdown, Gibson O’Connor and the project’s consultants worked together to get through in an amiable way. “We just got on with it. Our client was pretty understanding in terms of the costs that were associated with lockdown. Like most of the clients we’ve got, they took a reasonable approach.” Gibson O’Connor prides itself on being more than just a building contractor. With a thorough understanding of the construction process from conception to completion, the firm has the ability to add value during all phases of a project. Gibson O’Connor works closely with a team of reliable consultants, and offers full design and build solutions or design management services to ensure projects are designed and built efficiently and to clients’ requirements Your Business, Your Industry, Your News. Each edition priority delivered to your door. i i i i li . . t f . . / i ti 03 983 5525 5 Stay informed; we work with business owners and decision-makers across all economic sectors, profiling their success. t i f r ; r it i r and decision-makers r ll i t r , r fili t ir . businessnorth