Business North August 2022

42 | New care model first at Copper Crest Karen Phelps to page 44 Arvida Group - Copper Crest LIFESTYLE Copper Crest was the first development where Arvida established its new care model. Now it’s a finalist in the 2022 Property Council New Zealand Awards in the Multi Unit Residential Property category. “Arvida was determined to change the traditional approach to care, which until now has been very institutionally based,” explains Arvida development manager Justin Marshall. “The new Living Well household model allows for innovative and inspiring design with superb functionality.” Located at 52 Condor Drive, Pyes Pa, Tauranga and occupying a land area of 10.5ha, Arvida took over the village in 2016 when it was almost complete and added its groundbreaking care facility, which was finished in March 2021. The care building is designed into five different clusters that form ‘households’ with a clear intention of deinstitutionalising care and promoting a homely environment for residents. Each wing creates a household consisting of varying suit types/sizes, sharing an individualised household lounge and kitchen area dedicated to that household. The suites are larger than the norm (around 35sqm) and some also come with their own kitchen and small lounge making them akin to a mini apartment, says Justin. “It’s almost like a flatmate situation but each with their own autonomy and privacy,” says Justin . “It’s about duplicating what it would be like living at home. For example staff don’t wear uniforms and there are no nurses’ stations. “Residents can have their meals in their own room or the lounge or wherever they choose. There is no set time when they have to get up in the morning. “Basically they can do what they want. Family can also come in and utilise the kitchen facilities or hang out. Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture so it feels like their home. It’s all the benefits of living by yourself but with the benefits of company when you want it.” He says by adopting a U-shaped configuration this means no unnecessary lost spaces as each household connects back to a central admin, support and entrance area. The slope and connection to Condor Drive provides multiple access points that means excellent links to the community, car parking and, especially important, back into the wider Copper Crest community. Di Rosa Cabinetry and Furniture Phone: 07 578 5024 Address: 51 Koromiko Street, Judea, Tauranga Email: Website: Rommel Dela Rosa - Commercial Manager Email: