Business North August 2022

| 57 Kahawai Point DEVELOPMENT Unbridled access to river and sea Karen Phelps The Kahawai Point masterplan has been designed to sensitively embrace around 800 coastal homes across a number of residential development stages. Kahawai Point is like nothing on the market, believes developer Bernie Chote from KPDL. And the thing that sets it apart is its access to the river and sea, set on the pristine coast side of Kahawai Point at Glenbrook. “It is a place truly above the rest, an inspired coastal community,” he says. Located at the junction of the Taihiki and Waiuku Rivers, Kahawai Point is approximately an hour’s drive south of Auckland’s CBD, Kahawai Point is both a place to unwind and one that is strongly connected to nearby centres. It is just 15 minutes drive from Waiuku and 20 minutes from Pukekohe and is ideally located close to a range of primary and secondary schools, medical, banking facilities, and everyday shopping needs in the village of Waiuku – only 15 minutes away. Kahawai Point offers 65ha of classic coastal landscape that can be enjoyed by a 10km coastal walk. Bernie says that the walk follows the foreshore meandering through stands of 100-year-old pohutukawa trees and destination places like the pohutukawa Point neighbourhood park. This prominent park sits on a small headland and is the site for Kahawai Point’s stunning Hei Matau artwork. Bernie says that KPDL is committed to conserving land zones of beautiful coastal land for future generations. Likewise Bernie says that the Kahawai Point masterplan has been designed to sensitively embrace around 800 coastal homes across a number of residential development stages. KPDL has already sold out all available land in stages 1-3 with stage 4 released in Spring 2021 achieving 50% of sales in the first four weeks. Coastal home sites range in size from 300sqm to 840sqm allowing for a range of one and two storey homes. Currently, multiple builders are active at Kahawai Point including GJ Gardner Homes, Jennian Homes, Stonewood Homes, Navigation Homes, Stroud Homes, Highmark Homes and Signature Homes. The first residents are already enjoying all that Kahawai Point offers. There is a thriving community of around 300 people with a projected population in the next ten years of approximately 2,400 people. Bernie says that the growth over the last couple of years has been phenomenal as locals and Aucklanders alike seek a sea change to a new connected place within a flourishing like-minded community. Good opportunities still exist though with a handful of sections available in the current stage and a further stage due for release later this year. The development is unashamedly ambitions and there are plans for a Kahawai Point Marine Centre which, will offer full marine facilities for boating and fishing enthusiasts – something unheard of in the Manukau Harbour as there is no deep water access presently, says Bernie. KPDL’s proposal, currently in concept design, will see a stunning facility developed offering members launching and marine fuel facility, all tide, all-weather launch, and retrieve, new waka facility for multiple age groups, public and members parking area and connections to the coastal walkway. Bernie says that Coastguard New Zealand has expressed interest in operating a base out of the proposed centre in the future and currently locals enjoy direct access to boat launching at the Glenbrook Boat Ramp located beside the Glenbrook Beach Community Hall. KPDL has also started planning for a small commercial/retail centre at the gateway to Kahawai Point on Glenbrook Beach Road, near McLarin Road. The retail area is slated for a much-needed local general store to provide everyday convenience shopping and other services for residents. Bernie says Kahawai Point is a place inspired by one man’s vision – Ngati Te Ata’s Tahuna Minhinnick. “He saw Kahawai Point as a very special place; one where he could create an engaged community. A place that respects both the site’s past, the existing community, the links to the local iwi and incorporates the aspirations of Ngati Te Ata and the Te Aranga design principles,” explains Bernie. Sadly, Tahuna did not live to see his vision realised but Bernie says that KPDL has now taken on the mantle to create a sustainable community – a legacy and a place that stands above the rest. “It is a place truly above the rest, an inspired coastal community.”