Business North August 2022

66 | CETA Homes DEVELOPMENT Homes for first-home buyers CETA’s current development at 36 Lyncroft Street. Settled on the 10,000m2 site will be a collection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses. Sue Russell Jordan Barley, Development Manager at Auckland-based multi-unit residential building company CETA Homes, says that the initial impulse of establishing a business with core principles focused on providing “cost effective, timely and affordable” homes targeted in particular at the new-home buyers, took some time to evolve. “Director, Jason Donnelly’s desire to bring a team together amalgamating both experience and skills into something really meaningful in the affordable housing market, was a driver for initial conversations that seeded the founding of Ceta Homes early on,” Jordan says. CETA Homes offers an end-to-end service, sourcing suitable land in specific strategic pockets of Auckland, working with valued partners in developing plans, negotiating procurement and Council consenting pathways to building and handing over the keys. By concentrating especially on the first-home buyer market Jordan says there’s a real ‘feel-good’ aspect to the projects the company undertakes. “We’re really interested and committed to providing entry-level buyers with the opportunity to live in a thoughtfully planned community where care has been taken to build very good quality, affordable homes and to create a neighbourhood that home-owners will enjoy living in.” Such is the case with CETA’s current development at 36 Lyncroft Street. Settled on the 10,000m2 site will eventually be a boutique collection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhouses. And in line with the commitment to build homes that are within easy reach for those taking their first step on the property ladder, as well as selling to buyers with local community connections, some of the dwellings are priced at $700k, a figure seldom now seen in Auckland. The Māngere East community development, called Mana Moana Landings, has connections to the community that run deep, Jordan says. One of our intentions from the outset was to engage the local community and then maintain local involvement as we progress. We have kept close contact with the neighbouring Pacific Island Presbyterian Church as well as local Mana Whenua to ensure progress updates are consistent and the community retains connectivity locally. When Business North spoke with Jordan early June, work was well underway, with Resource Consent and Engineering/Environmental Approval compliance all signed off and issued. “The civil works are being undertaken by HEB Construction and are just about completed. Then we can begin above ground. One of the special features of the project is a dedicated shared pocket park in the centre of the land, which all home owners will own a share of when purchasing their title.” Works on the shared driveway and concrete work will be completed end of October then it will be time for CETA’s build team to begin construction of the multi-level dwellings. Each lot is allocated a carport or space depending on typology. Driving the overall plan is a vision that what is being created will serve multi-general owner occupiers and be fit for purpose for years to come, retaining a special character as a true community. The Development team at CETA Homes put a lot of thought and research into the best areas to purchase land and develop projects in. Key to this is to position projects near transport hubs, and within walking distance of community facilities. And creating a sense of good space when residents enter the units is also a key driver in the overall design of each townhouse. “They are not big homes but when you enter you’re greeted with a nice open functional space with high quality fixtures that will be cost-effective to run.” CETA Homes three business arms, CETA Developments, CETA Build and CETA Management work seamlessly around projects such as Mana Moana Landings. Jordan says this is the way the most cost-effective outcomes with minimal risk can be achieved. “We control the process and there are strong collaborative relationships between the three entities. We’re a committed team who are passionate about what we do and why we do it his drives how we interact with each other and how we engage with the various stakeholders and home owners.” CETA Homes website offers renders of how Mana Moana Landings will look once completed. Jordan says there’s been keen interest from the market with over 75% of the town-houses already sold off the plans. “We think we’re creating a very unique community at Mana Moana Landings and that’s something we’re very proud of.” An award-winning practice designing a positive future for our cities and communities. Proud to be on the team supporting CETA Developments.