Business North August 2023

McKenzie & Co specialise in both large and small development projects throughout New Zealand, providing civil engineering and surveying expertise. As the primary land development consultants for Ardmore Airport’s new commercial and industrial project, Mckenzie & Co have been involved since the initiation of the project in 2019, providing surveying and engineering design services, and construction observation for the 20-hectare property on the airport’s western boundary. Company director and engineer, James Dufty, says the project incorporates a master plan and a lexible lot con iguration to suit di erent building footprints plus the construction of internal roads suitable for heavy tra ic and all associated infrastructure. The development footprint works in with the surrounding area and ensures the airport operates Expert land development solutions without disruption. “The Ardmore development is an impressive industrial/commercial park which also incorporates extensive landscaping around storm water ponds,” says James. The company is involved in a wide range of projects from large green ield developments, such as Auranga in Drury, through to smaller high density brown ield projects across Auckland and other parts of New Zealand, ensuring they bring the same skill set and professionalism regardless of the size of development. “Auranga is a world class multi-stage 3000 lot development that’s providing a community, not just houses, which has been the focus from the outset of the development. It has required a skilled team for all aspects of the project from the inception through to construction. We partner with consultants that we trust for services such as urban design, planning and landscaping architecture to ensure a quality development,” says James. “We’re completely invested in the outcome of every project we take on. We provide exceptional expert engineering, surveying and experienced land development advice to maximise a project’s land value and reduce our client’s risk. We become part of our client’s team and treat their project as if it’s our own.” “We take pride in our work by really focusing on what our clients need and in building trust. We’re heavy on communications and ensure our clients know exactly what’s going on with every stage of their project.” “We have o ices in Auckland, Warkworth, Taupo and Rotorua, and recently opened o ices in Tauranga and Queenstown to capture new markets and continue to help grow communities and deliver great projects,” he says. The company employs 80 highly quali ied and experienced development advisors, engineers, surveyors and support sta across the country which allows sta to move around the o ices and experience other parts of the country. “There’s a lot of pressure in the land development sector and there’s a lot at stake. We don’t take this lightly. We focus on our sta ’s wellbeing and are very lexible towards their work-life balance and their personal aspirations, yet at the same time focusing on project delivery. People see that we have a wide range of employees from di erent backgrounds which makes us an attractive company to work for,” he believes. “We’re a very sta and client orientated company. We put our clients irst, ensuring clear communication, strategic advice, risk reduction and delivery on time. We’re growing on the back of this.”