Business North December 2023

18 | PFI & Haydn & Rollett: Springs Road Development T T Karen Phelps Five Green Star rating for huge facility The company aims to build a 25,500sqm warehouse for long-time tenant Fisher & Paykel Appliances. T T to page 20 DEVELOPMENT In a significant stride toward sustainable industrial development, Property For Industry (PFI) has started construction at 78 Springs Road, East Tamaki. The company aims to build a 25,500sqm warehouse for long-time tenant Fisher & Paykel Appliances, with provisions for expansion up to 30,000sqm. The facility, set to achieve a Five Green Star rating, is slated for completion in the first quarter of 2025 and the head contractor is Hayden & Rollett. PFI CEO Simon Woodhams says PFI’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified in the project, reflecting a broader strategy evident across its portfolio. “This is where modern buildings are heading so every significant project we are undertaking will be Five Green Star rated,” he says. “The Springs Road development aligns with this vision incorporating features such as rainwater harvesting, solar power utilization, and a focus on reusing materials on-site.” PFI has collaborated extensively with Fisher & Paykel over several years to ensure the design meets the highest standards. The active site, where the client still maintains its head office, underscores PFI’s commitment to a seamless and secure development process. “Health and safety has been at the forefront,” adds Simon. “A lot of planning has gone into this and we worked on it for three years before we broke ground in early 2023 so we are confident that we have the right processes in place to ensure a seamless project.” NZ 09 580 4036 027 253 7040 Joint Sealants & Waterproofing Cementitious & Epoxy Grouting Passive Fire Stopping Concrete Repair Fire Rating to Structural Steel Our Suppliers Our Suppliers FROM PLUMBING TO DRAINLAYING TO GASFITTING, JC MCCALL SEEKS THE BEST PROJECTS IN AUCKLAND TELL US ABOUT YOURS Call us on (09) 444 0525 | PLUMBING DRAINLAYING GASFITTING MAINTENANCE