Business North December 2023

| 29 T T Karen Phelps Alternative approach a money saver The latest venture undertaken by Austen Projects is the management of the St Michaels Avenue development, comprising two standalone houses in Point Chevalier. Austen Projects: St Michaels Avenue Houses DEVELOPMENT An alternative approach to building by Auckland company Austen Projects is helping clients save considerable money on their construction ventures, says Austen Projects director Oliver Austen. “We bring in teams of specialists and project manage each project offering the client a complete solution. It’s about providing options and working as a team with the client,” he says. “The construction savings can be considerable for the client, anywhere from 12-15% because we don’t have high overheads and don’t charge margins on every trade; we charge a set fee.” At the core of Austen Projects’ philosophy is a focus on robust customer relationships, innovative technologies and sustainable practices. The company is devoted to using high-quality materials and engaging top-tier professionals thereby aiming for project excellence and maximum customer satisfaction. “We take the time to build lasting relationships, and communicate openly and honestly throughout the entire project. Whether the client is just starting with a concept or they have a detailed blueprint in hand, we can guide and assist. They can choose to be deeply involved or trust us to handle the entire process.” Prior to starting Austen Projects, Oliver had a 12-year background in construction and project management and has undertaken over 80 projects in the Auckland region ranging from multi-storey apartments to stand alone homes. His expertise and vast experience provides Austen Projects with a competitive edge. Oliver values collaboration with clients and willingly shares his expertise at any stage of the project, reflecting a commitment to achieving exemplary outcomes within specified budgets and timelines. His extensive network of contractors and suppliers is the linchpin of his success, ensuring that, irrespective of project size or complexity, he can assemble a team to execute the job efficiently. The latest venture undertaken by Austen Projects is the management of the St Michaels Avenue development, comprising two standalone houses in Point Chevalier, for client MTK Capital. Austen Projects commenced its role in February, overseeing the design management and consenting process. Construction officially began in June. Originally, the client relocated two houses to the site, intending to refurbish them. However, due to their condition, a cost-effective new build was considered the more practical option. Austen Projects has engaged Colonial Entrance, which specialises in custom-made fretwork and traditional mouldings, ensuring a faithful replication of the original villa aesthetic. “Relocating homes is not always cheaper or more practical as was the case on this project. “We’ve had to make numerous design selections to replicate the original villa’s ambiance in these two houses,” explains Austen. The primary dwelling is a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home with a pool, blending high specifications with a traditional villa design. The secondary residence offers four bedrooms and three bathrooms across a larger floor plan and with a more extensive section. Demonstrating the team’s ability and adaptability, the St Michaels Avenue project has proven highly successful, illustrating Austen Projects’ ability to deliver exceptional outcomes regardless of the project’s complexity, says Oliver. “No project is too challenging. It’s simply about teamwork and the approach we take.” With a vision to provide unparalleled value to clients and acting as a consultant and unbiased project manager, he says Austen Projects continues to shape the landscape of construction and project management. It is currently actively involved in several large-scale development projects on the North Shore and Austen says the company has an ambitious agenda for the upcoming year. “At Austen Projects we aim for excellence and utmost customer satisfaction on every project we undertake.” NEW BUILDS | RENOVATIONS | COMMERCIAL | MAINTENANCE 0211873656