Business North December 2023

60 | Moving to modular Dylan Huang leads a successful architecture practice, based in Albany. He’s developed a strong interest in modular building methods. Archiland Architecture T T Sue Russell ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Dylan Huang leads a successful architecture practice, based in Albany, north Auckland. Originally from China, Dylan came to this country having completed high school and completed an architectural diploma, followed by Bachelor and Masters degrees. Today, he has a team of 10 design professionals and has been in business 13 years. Dylan says he’s pleased with the size of the practice having had more staff than this back in 2015 where numbers peaked at 20. “My work is split between residential projects and commercia/industrial ones and I enjoy the variety this offers,” Dylan says. He has noticed a pick-up in demand for work from developers which had slowed down and a level of uncertainty across the new house build sector generally. “I’m pleased to see that now the election is over there seems more positivity which will flow on to an increase in demand.” Dylan has designed for projects all over the country and says he’s developed a strong interest in modular building methods, more common overseas than here. He has been involved in many hotel projects in places such as Queenstown. “Prefab is a very good solution to reduce labour costs and for health and safety as well as for supply of materials. It’s a very efficient method of building because as the basement work is being prepared, the individual units for the floors above can be constructed, saving time and money.” A large percentage of his clients are Chinese and more confident speaking Mandarin. Dylan also carries a strong philosophy of giving back to the profession and he achieves this in several ways. He is the Secretary-General of the New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association. Along with his own design projects, this role keeps him busy organising for events such as the annual conference and EXPO. The organisation currently has a membership of 100. “For builders to become members they have to be Master Builders or Certified Builders. We also have consultants, developers and materials suppliers in the association.” Dylan is particularly excited about a 4-star, 100 room hotel being planned for Auckland, where each room is a module currently being built in China to be shipped here in specially constructed reinforced containers. “These modules are very strong. The most important thing here is the speed at which this build can be completed and I think it really is the answer to our current housing shortage.” Dylan has also recently gained Passive House design qualifications, becoming certified last year. He’s particularly excited to have this professional learning and sees Passive House design and build principles as the way of the future. Dylan is also an assessor for ADNZ, a role he undertakes voluntarily. And as if that isn’t enough contribution to the profession, Dylan is also one of three Auckland Council home energy advisors. This service involves providing existing home owners, often in older dwellings, how they can gain a warmer, dryer, healthier home. P: 0800 339 370 E: residential | commercial | industrial WWW.3EYES.NZ