Business North Dec / Jan 2022

12 | “There is definitely more this government could do to deliver more housing, but there needs to be more collaboration with the private sector to achieve it.” Freshwater policy latest ‘spanner in the works’ from page 8 Papamoa junction is one of several large Carrus developments currently in progress. Carrus Corporation DEVELOPMENT Drapers are proud to have beenworking beside and supporting one of NewZealands top landdevelopers for the past 20years 0273651109 DrapersEarthmovingLtd “The latest spanner in the works is the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, which has such broad guidelines that will halt the re-zoning project for approximately 12 months while the NPS-FM I was reviewed by the Ministry for the Environment. “More restrictions within our current planning environment”, says Scott. “We haven’t planned far enough ahead in Tier 1 growth cities – Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. “One of the things all these centres have to comply with under the National Policy Statement for Urban Development is to have enough housing supply to meet demand. “But none can comply because of some of the issues I’ve already mentioned. “In Tauranga there are finally discussions with the Crown and other infrastructure agencies as to how to deliver the infrastructure for Te Tumu because a growth cell this size can’t be delivered just through rates and development contributions alone.” He points to across the Tasman to how land development is undertaken as an example of how we could do things differently although does acknowledge challenges such as New Zealand’s smaller population size. “In Australia large developers such as Lendlease or Stockland collaborate with the state government, who provide upfront infrastructure, schools, hospitals and other amenities. “Then the developer comes in with housing development. But because we don’t have the scale that Australia does obviously its extremely difficult to achieve and the economic impacts are killing us. “There is definitely more this government could do to deliver more housing, but there needs to be more collaboration with the private sector to achieve it.” Waka Kotahi (New Zealand Transport Agency) is investigating the provision of subsidies for public transport corridors within larger developments. Scott says the benefit is less congested state highways so it’s a win-win. He says that the Minister for the Environment also has the legislative powers now to fast track rezoning of land with the new housing supply RMA amendment bill. Scott says that Tauranga City Council is looking at this fast track option for future urban zones with the western bay sub-region, including Te Tumu and Tauriko West. Carrus projects currently underway Nationally Carrus has several large residential developments in progress including Aotea, and Kenepuru Landing, both in Porirua City, north of Wellington, Ngā Roto Estate in Taupō and Papamoa Junction in Papamoa. Aotea, a 246ha development, is in its last stages of construction comprising residential, commercial, retirement village and recreation areas. All lots marketed to date have been sold. Located in the heart of Porirua City, Kenepuru Landing will comprise 700 lots on completion. It will be developed over six stages with construction of stage two nearing completion. The 15 stage Ngā Roto Estate in Taupō is performing extremely well and development will continue over the next few years, says Scott. Papamoa Junction is a commercial subdivision consisting of 43 sites ranging from highend medium density housing to commercial units allowing for office and light industrial/ trade supply. All are sold and titles due to be issued by first quarter 2022.