Business North Dec / Jan 2022

14 | Bluehaven Group DEVELOPMENT House crisis worsening from page 13 Not enough houses are being built to keep up with population growth and demand. Home Builders G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga o ers design and build options suitable for every stage of life whether it be stand alone homes, duplexes or terrace houses. Smart design is the focus for G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga, maximising space to create practical yet stylish homes. Our experienced architectural team design innovative homes where every inch is utilised to its maximum potential. The G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga team has built more than 1,000 homes and o ers more than 200 years of combined industry experience in the core sta base alone. So this wealth of local building experience means it can always design something very special and unique to each client. The G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga o ice is proud to support local business and has been 100% locally owned and independently operated by Shane and Kirsty McConnell since 2007. Transparency, honesty and trust all underpin everything G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga does. The key factors in creating a home that is just right for G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga’s customers are communication, understanding and teamwork. G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga is proud to have built a signi icant number of homes within Golden Sands subdivision, having been involved from the start. Its current showhome in Golden Sands, located at 49 Stevenson Drive, has the feel of a ‘Resort Retreat’. The home showcases the smart features G.J. Gardner Homes is renowned for including stained cedar vertical screens, standout courtyard brickwork and two shaded pergolas connected by decking for easy indoor-outdoor low. Due to open in 2022, is G.J. Gardners third Golden Sands showhome, demonstrating the diversity in the G.J. Gardner Homes range. The new two storey showhome will be a re lection of where the market is headed, incorporating a smart, functional design within a smaller footprint. G.J. Gardner Homes Tauranga is proud to be one of Bluehaven Developments building partners of choice, valuing the strong long-standing working relationship. With Bluehaven’s vision and focus on fostering a healthy, sustainable community for future generations to come it’s a good it for G.J. Gardner, which is proud to be New Zealand’s most trusted home builder. Smart design One thing is certain in his mind – there are not enough homes being built to keep up with the present modelling, which suggest 1,000 new homes are needed each year in Tauranga alone. With growing migration from other centres, particularly Auckland - due to the lifestyle, employment , housing opportunities, and Covid lockdown fatigue - Tauranga looks set to continue its population growth which will add to the worsening housing crisis. “Unfortunately this means that affordability will continue to be an issue and if we have undercooked the population modelling and not addressed the housing supply opportunities then the problem becomes more untenable.” Another issue is establishing the correct balance between greenfields (land that hasn’t previously been developed) and brownfields (already developed land that could be redeveloped) sites. Nathan says brownfields land is typically more complex and expensive to develop, resulting in a slower release of new housing, that is often higher priced, therefore exacerbating any housing shortages. He acknowledges rolling out more housing is not an easy feat. Type, location, design, build cost, sale price, development pace and how the housing is delivered, are some key considerations that need to be assessed. It is a multi-faceted problem and therefore in his view a multi-faceted solution is required. Creating communities - page 16