Business North February 2024

| 73 Sue Russell Fully spec’d homes at affordable prices Despite challenges in a tight market, MBS maintains a full build schedule for residential, business, and iwi customers. Modern Building Solutions BUILDING Your Business, Your Industry, Your News. Each edition priority delivered to your door. i i i i li . . t f . . / i ti 03 983 5525 Stay informed; we work with business owners and decision-makers across all economic sectors, profiling their success. t i f r ; r it i r i i - r r ll i t r , r fili t ir . businessnorth In the heart of Ngaruawahia, Modern Building Solutions (MBS) stands as a testament to the power of friendship and the pursuit of freedom. The journey began with childhood friends, John Scantlebury and Mattson Day, who were dissatisfied with the existing market offerings for transportable homes and decided to create their own path. John, returning home from overseas, envisioned better options for people and sought a lifestyle of working for himself within the building industry. On the other hand, Mattson, an engineer influenced by lean manufacturing, aimed to carve a space where they could work on their terms. The shared value between the two friends was freedom, and their passions complemented each other—John in building design and Mattson in manufacturing and system improvements. The goal was to create a workspace they would want to be in. “It was from humble beginings in a backyard, these two founding directors took Fridays off from their main jobs to build tiny houses on wheels, with Mattson building the trailers and John building the homes,” says Inde King, General Manager. As the demand grew, they transitioned into consented legal builds, acquiring an industrial yard to set up systems for council inspections and deliver fully spec’d homes at affordable prices New Zealand wide. The turning point for MBS was the realisation that most companies building cabins on wheels operated in non-industrial zones, posing barriers for growth. MBS strategically set up in an industrial yard, to eliminate that barrier altogether and increase potential for the company to grow. Fast forward to today, MBS now boasts a young team with a shared commitment to work hard for four days, granting three days of freedom with their family and friends each week. “Our company culture revolves around continuous improvement, incorporating lean manufacturing and agile principles. There’s no divide between the office and the workshop, fostering collaboration across departments,” explains Inde. The team enjoys on-site recreational facilities, including a basketball court, skate ramp, and gym, encouraging a culture that values a healthy work-life balance. MBS employs a lean manufacturing production line where every tool and material has a designated place, ensuring consistency, while still constantly learning and looking to improve. Efficiency is a top priority, and building in a controlled environment guarantees set build times regardless of the weather and they also stock core materials which allows them to offer fixed-price build contracts to customers. The workshop consists of two main production lines, including one for surge capacity. Dedicated project managers ensure customers are supported end-to-end with their build projects, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. In the face of economic constraints and regulatory changes, MBS confronts the challenge of balancing affordability while adapting to industry demands. The team remains dedicated to keeping up with building regulations while delivering cost-effective housing solutions to New Zealanders. Despite challenges in a tight market, MBS maintains a full build schedule for residential, business, and iwi customers. In addition to expanding their yard, the company’s ability to scale, expand designs for larger modular homes, offer different cladding options, and continually improve systems and processes positions MBS for long-term growth. “We’re proud to have secured our first government contract through a tender process with the Waikato District Council – a testament to MBS’s commitment to benefit the wider community through working with iwi and government entities.” Modern Building Solutions continues to build dreams across the nation, as they strive to innovate and lead within the transportable building industry. PDW Flooring With over 35 years experience, PDW Flooring has the expert advice you need when it comes to your flooring requirements. 027 855 4640 Proud to support Modern Building Solutions Dan Harris | Director m0279 511 433 e Proudly Supporting Modern Building Solutions