Business North February 2024

94 | ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN LTD Architectural Design T T Virginia Wright Homes built for sun and the views The rural and lifestyle developments LTD Architectural Design gets involved with extend as far as Matakana, Omaha and Mangawhai. Land and Aerial Surveying | Land Development Engineering Urban and Rural Planning | Project Management is a small consultancy specialising in providing trusted advice, solutions and management in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner. From boundary disputes and multi-lot subdivisions through to aerial surveying, we pride ourselves on understanding your requests and providing quality solutions. Fluker Surveying Ltd 027 454 3090 “We design in harmony with the environment and the character that‘s already here.” When architectural designer Joseph Long was looking for new opportunities during the GFC he wasted no time in going out on his own. With his former employers’ blessing he started sub-contracting to the Group Home owners who had been his existing clients, working out of his own garage, and LTD Architectural Design was quickly established. Shortly afterwards Joseph was joined by his long-time friend David Maurice who had recently returned from the UK. They both grew up on the Hibiscus Coast, “40 minutes north of the Harbour Bridge. Growing up it was almost like Auckland’s holiday destination because even without the motorway it wasn’t that far away so there were a lot of baches and low key housing ,” says Joseph. With Auckland’s growth steadily stretching towards the Hibiscus Coast it now almost feels part of it, and it’s that growth, especially over the last 15 years, that David and Joseph have built their practice from. “We’ve got 10 of us in the office in Silverdale now, and David has just moved to Nelson so he’s setting up an office down there,” says Joseph. As locals they’ve had a vested interest in what shape the development takes that’s happening on their doorstep. Their pre-existing strong network of contacts which has only been added to after 15 years in the business, combines with their equally strong understanding of the local culture and what living on the coast should continue to offer. “It’s that small town vibe with the lifestyle you get by living on the beach. There are something like 15 beaches on the eastern and western sides of the peninsula so it still has that beach culture. “We’re passionate about the area and we care about our immediate environment and I think that translates into the amount of care that we particularly put into our design work. We design in harmony with the environment and the character that‘s already here,” says Joseph. What that translates into is houses built for the sun and the views regardless of the site they’re on. With landscapes varying from steep slopes to coastal sections leading directly onto the beach it’s not a one size fits all proposition. “We really try and design in sympathy with the land-form that we have and we have a really strong understanding of building costs and how to design to a budget and give our clients as much bang for their buck as we can. Something that they like and that looks really sharp. “ It’s that balance of bringing everyone’s hopes and dreams together into a house within their budget but also bringing in that something special. That seems to be what our reputation is built around,” says Joseph. Whether it’s a new build or an extensive renovation of an old bach done in such a way that it retains its original charm, they take care to get realistic feedback on its buildability as early as possible. Put together with their extensive local network which gives them the means to pair their clients up with a likeminded builder, and it adds up to reliably being able to deliver a house or renovation that turns their clients dreams into a home they can love. The rural and lifestyle developments LTD Architectural Design gets involved with extend as far as Matakana, Omaha and Mangawhai and may have a rural setting as easily as a seaview or a coastal vibe. “We love working with people who care about the environment and who care about quality of design. We have a really good understanding of what can and can’t be done on a site and we’ve got a team of engineers and quantity surveyors and so on that we work with all the time so we can step people through the whole process to make it as easy as possible.” Whether it’s a house built to look like it’s flying over the ocean or bringing a bach built in the 40’s up to scratch for contemporary modern living without losing its seaside holiday essence LTD Architectural Design will put all of their considerable expertise into making the process as client-friendly and cost effective as possible.