Business North July / August 2021

12 | RETAIL Farro Farro - making a difference Farro works in collaboration with its suppliers and food producers to consider the total product lifecycle. from page 10 Farro has donated nearly 67,000kg of fresh food to Fair Food, enabling over 200,000 meals to be delivered to families in need. “Our stores set aside good, nutritious fit- to-eat food we couldn’t otherwise sell, like produce that doesn’t meet our grading system or grocery items with damaged packaging. “The items are safe to eat and donated before their use by date. The food is collected by Fair Food, which works with community organisations to ensure food gets to people who need it, when they need it. “It’s a real win-win – we reduce our wastage and the food is beneficial to someone else. That’s a wonderful result,” says Janene. Farro also assists Everybody Eats, where food is donated weekly and several times a year a Farro chef and team go in to create a meal, and gives local schools hampers each year for fund raising initiatives. Janene says charities have been chosen for their natural synergies with Farro that align with the company’s core beliefs. “Farro is a real community place where people meet and interact. So it is fitting we work with our local communities to give back,” says Janene. “We are proud of our efforts with regards to sustainability so far but realise the journey has only begun and it takes a collective effort,” says James. “Farro’s actions as a business and our cus - tomers’ efforts can make a difference.”