Business North July / August 2021

| 31 Dempsey Wood - Donegal Glen REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT New Zealand’s largest and most comprehen- sively planned towns. Council’s aim is to set a high standard of urban design and a large number of initiatives have been put in place to improve the public realm including a large existing and proposed network of shared footpaths and cycleways. The Flat Bush town development includes five neighbourhood centres and has a strong focus on open space and environmental sustainability. By 2025 it is expected that Flat Bush will be home to at least 40,000 people. Ormiston Town Centre is a major milestone for the area and officially opened in late March 2021 providing locals with a hub where they can come together to meet, shop and socialize. The major retail destination includes supermarkets, gyms, a cinema complex, de- partment stores, food and beverage outlets, and a mix of health and beauty and speciality services. “We approach all our projects with the aim of providing proactive and integrated delivery methodologies coupled with customer-focused project management. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers receive exceptional service resulting in a high-quality product.” Donegal Glen is situated in Flat Bush, a rapidly growing area of Auckland. We love to imagine and create quality neighbourhoods We do this by designing, developing and execu�ng with care, passion and skill. Let’s work together on your next project. 09 222 2445  Planning  Surveying  Engineering  Project Management THE BEST CONCRETE IN NEW ZEALAND BEST CEMENT. BEST TECHNOLOGY. BEST PEOPLE. BEST REPUTATION. OVER 50 YEARS IN THE MAKING For over fifty years we’ve built our reputation and our business on being better – setting the standard for the industry with the best service and the fastest setting concrete. Made local, by a 100% Kiwi company – so you get the best concrete in New Zealand! 0508CONCRETE • Partnering with customers to deliver high quality, market leading projects utilising expertise and experience is how Humes has forged a legendary reputation over nearly 100 years in business. Humes has worked closely with many clients, such as Dempsey Wood, for a long time indicating the high level of regard with which the company is held. Humes Account Manager Euan Mcainsh takes care of Dempsey Wood and is the person called when fast solutions are required on site. “Every job has its challenges and at Humes we aim to be responsive to clients’ needs and sort any issues quickly. We are the company they rely on. It’s all about trust and them knowing that we always have their best interests at heart,” he says. Humes has been working with Dempsey Wood on the massive Donegal Glen subdivision in Flat Bush, Auckland and Euan says one of the biggest challenges so far was working with the client and council to design some large box culverts capable of taking signi icant weight. These culverts took 18 months to solution due to the intricate needs of the site and the customers requirements. However with great team engagement and cross functional collaboration (engineers, designers, production sta and sales people we were able to come up with the right result. Humes Project Manager Glen Paterson is working on the project to Experience and expertise ensure products are supplied on time to site. Issues due to industry-wide pressure on supplies meant lexibility has been important along with timely communication. “We know things can happen during a project – maybe a design gets tweaked or someone forgets to order something and suddenly needs it on site. We try to respond as quickly as we can to ensure the overall project lows smoothly,” he says. Humes National Distribution and Marketing Manager Chris Wheeler says this is where Humes’ long history and resulting experience really comes to the fore. “We have a highly knowledgeable team regarding subdivisional and civil infrastructure projects. Our customers love the fact we can provide themwith the entire solution and one point of contact for their project. It’s the close relationships between their team and our team that means stu gets done and done right!” Humes has worked with Dempsey Wood for over a decade and provides comprehensive support around key aspects of projects including design, logistics, planning and scheduling. Chris says it is that sound understanding of how projects function that allows the Humes team to work productively with customers to deliver smarter solutions making Humes a true pioneer in the industry. Since 1923Humes hasprovidedour customers withmarket leadingproducts, designexpertise (withkiwi ingenuityat its heart), and experienceunmatched in the industry. Our partnershipand integration withall customers is the bedrockof our success. Supporting Dempsey Wood in Developing New Zealand for New Zealanders. Valves & Fittings • Pipes • Concrete Precast • Manholes • Telco Pits Channel & Grate • Streetware • Geotextiles • Industrial Water Treatment Stormwater Management • Wastewater Treatment O U R P R O D U C T S & S O L U T I O N S : | 0800 502 112