Business North July / August 2021

34 | DEVELOPMENT Fletcher Living - Auckland Central East Auckland revival Fletcher Living will deliver a large number of new dry and warm homes to the market in Panmure, East Auckland. F letcher Living is working on two sites in the Tamaki Regeneration programme, which will see a large number of new dry warm homes delivered to the market. At Derna Tobruk the company has com- pleted stages one and two and is working on stage three. The stages comprise a mix of market homes, state homes and affordable homes. The other site the company is working on is Line Epping. Fletcher Living construction manager for Auckland Central, Brad Cummins, says that working in amongst long established commu- nities has meant that close communication and liaison has been an important aspect of the project. Fletcher Living employs external stakeholder managers whose responsibility is to ensure the community is kept informed every step of the way. They also organise social events that bring people together and enable residents to connect. “We are mindful of the fact we are working in amongst neighbourhoods but once people realise we are delivering warm, dry homes to people who need and deserve them, they have been very supportive,” says Brad. He says the developments have been care- fully designed to include a mix of owner occu- pied and state housing and says the blending of communities has been very successful. One of the main challenges has been material supply constraints, due to Covid-19 disruption to international shipping but the project is on schedule. Fletcher Living has also been involved in selling the market houses in the develop- ments. Brad says that the homes reflect the quality, workmanship and good layout Fletch- er Living has a reputation for. The homes are backed by the strength of the Fletcher Living Karen Phelps Team, which has a long history of providing quality new homes for Kiwis dating back to 1909, and the assurance of a 10 year Master Build Guarantee. The programme is being run by Tāmaki Regeneration Company, which has developed a master plan for the area, which includes Panmure, Point England and Glen Innes. Each neighbourhood has its own plan and design for homes, streets, the natural environment, infrastructure upgrades and business districts. The project, which will take two decades to complete, will see the current 2,500 state homes transformed into 10,500 homes across the area. The aim has also been to open doors to home ownership, create training, employ- ment and business opportunities for the com- munity, and to enhance wellbeing in Tāmaki, especially for Māori and Pasifika. The project will include 7,000 new af- fordable and market homes ranging from one-bedroom apartments to large whānau and multi-generational homes, to suit Tāmaki households of all shapes and sizes. The project will also see 14 vacant sites across the regeneration area used for inno- vative building trials including pilot modular buildings using pre-fabricated panels, which assemble on-site with the aim of seeing how New Zealand can build homes faster and more affordably. Over the next two decades, Tāmaki is set to grow from 18,000 to 60,000 residents and the Tāmaki regeneration programme aims to cater for this growth. “It’s been an amazing privilege to work on a project like this and it has been great to see tenants moving into their new dry and warm homes,” says Brad. Talk to us today, the feature profile experts Phone: 03 983 5500 PROFILE YOUR PROJECT... CREATE YOUR DREAM BATHROOM AT MICO Proud supporters of FLETCHER LIVING CENTRAL AUCKLAND MICO21-700096652 Supporter Advert_126.5_80.indd 1 10/06/21 10:16 AM 0800 742 100