Business North July / August 2021

| 45 TRANSPORT Alexander Group Awarded BOC’s South Island bulk distribution in 2002, and the North Island contract in 2005, Alexander Group had secured all bulk cryogenic gas deliveries throughout New Zealand. Alexander Group implement the Michelin Multi-Life Tyre Management l i l i li l i i programme to help achieve sustainable logistics solutions. l i i l l i i l i . The results Alexander Group continue to see from using Michelin and the Advantage Tyres service network: l l i i i li i : · Excellent mileage results from Michelin new & retread tyres · ll il l i li · Significantly low failure rates · i i l l il · Minimal downtime · i i l i · Thousands of tyres saved from being landfilled thanks to retreading · i l ll i Advantage Tyres and Michelin are pleased to partner with Alexander Group to keep their fleet mobile, safe and cost effective. i li l i l i il i 0800 36 26 36