Business North July / August 2021

48 | ENGINEERING Nemesys Bringing real world solutions The Nemesys team tackling yet another project, offering specific process software and project management solutions. H amilton-based process automation and system integration solutions business Nemesys was established in 2008, principally servicing the food and industrial sectors. Managing Director Rex Robinson and Director of Business Support, Ruth Robinson say surrounding themselves with a highly skilled and professional team has enabled the business to grow organically. Along with primary food production facili- ties, Nemesys is also engaged within the Ener- gy sector, and water-treatment infrastructure projects for Councils. “It can be difficult to understand exactly what we do, but at its simplest, we develop the programmes and design the computer screens that control the process that turns milk into any one of a number of end-prod- ucts,” says Rex. For a typical project, Nemesys initially designs the infrastructure that controls the process. “Process engineering companies will provide a high-level process description and process and instrumentation diagrams of the system and we translate this in to an industry standard functional description that the soft- ware is engineered from” says Rex. During the initial business set up phase and then at other development milestones along the way, the couple engage a Business Coach, to help them with strategising the next growth plan. Ruth says, this has worked extremely well and definitely helps in taking the business from strength to strength. “One thing I have noticed about those engaged in engineering is that they are very good at creating solutions, problem-solving and dealing in the here and now with data Sue Russell and because of this they aren’t necessarily focussed on how to create future-growth strategies and this is where having a fresh set of eyes on the business has really helped,” says Ruth. Ruth describes herself as the main driver of the strategies overlooking the business sup- port functions such as HR, finance, marketing and administration, ensuring the necessary Governance processes are taken care of, and keeping her head partly in the future. Today, the company is a team of 17, spread across the Hamilton head-office, Taranaki and in Southland. Along with offering specific process software solutions, Nemesys can assume a project management role, overseeing a pro- ject from start to finish. Future plans include expanding into Northland and taking up more work in Taranaki. With these goals, comes the challenge to find new team members, as Rex explains. “The type of work we do is very niche and so we have strategised a way to attract new train- ing engineers towards our discipline, through engagement with the University of Waikato.” A graduate training programme opens up opportunities for those with an interest in the type of engineering that Nemesys is engaged in. Ruth and Rex both feel this will bear fruit in the future. “It’s only a very new programme. We invite pre-graduates to our office and talk about what we do. Our engagement with the University is quite new, but has been a great resource to find talent,” Rex says. Asked about the founding principles the business is based on, Ruth says there are five key values that we are all answerable to in everyday decisions; integrity, team-work, excellence, respect and balance. “For our team work-life balance is critical. There are times when we go through the com- missioning phase of a project where we put in long hours, so we ensure there is a balance maintained at other times,” Rex explains. Both agree that Nemesys has achieved beyond their original visions and are excited to see where the next phase of their growth strategy takes the Nemesys team. Customer Focused Process Automation & System Integration