Business North July / August 2021

| 51 INDUSTRY Golden Bay Cement - End of Life Tyre Plant A plant upgrade will enable Golden Bay Cement to reuse up to 3.1 million waste tyres in its cement manufacturing. When it comes to the art of motion in business, Transmission House is focused on minimising its customers’ downtime. For customers reliant on conveyor systems to move product, that is a game changer. “Our success comes down to our service,” says Sales Engineer Mark White. “We have a substantial amount of stock and the capability to assemble power transmission and supply conveyor components . Our team is committed to continually supplying quality products that assist production, with less down time and more e iciency by o ering total reliability of driven machinery and conveyor systems.” Established in 1986, Transmission House Ltd specialises in power transmission and conveyor products, operating from its large purpose-built warehouse in Te Rapa, North Hamilton. Servicing the industrial and agricultural business sectors through a network of nationwide distributors, Transmission House o ers a complete one-stop-warehouse for all conveyor and transmission needs. “A customer may have a requirement for a speci ic conveyor system and we have a broad range of components and gearboxes that we can assemble to meet that requirement. We have a dedicated assembly centre for gearboxes and we can also provide a complete overhaul of a client’s existing gearbox.” Transmission House has been the sole Transmission needs sorted New Zealand distributor for Italian Motorvario products for the last thirty years but more recently became a certi ied Motovario Assembly Centre (MAC) for the Italian company’s gearboxes and motors. “Our warehouse inventory includes a full range of gear reducers including Inline, Bevel Helical, Parallel Shaft Mount and Worm Geared Reducers,” says Mark. “We also stock and supply a full range of agricultural and industrial chain, V-belts, pulleys, couplings, rollers, electric motors, low aids and plastic modular belting components.” Adding to Transmission House’s comprehensive o ering is a teammember dedicated to assembling UNI plastic modular conveyor belting, speci ically tailored to the customer requirements. “We are also the New Zealand distributors of the Martin Engineering range of products from the United States, and used Martin Air Cannons in Golden Bay Cement’s plant upgrade project.” When bulk material builds up inside kilns, silos, bins, hoppers, chutes and other equipment and stops lowing due to obstruction, the best way to keep it moving is with a low aid. “We worked alongside Golden Bay Cement with their plant upgrade where we supplied Martin Air Cannons that ire a high-pressure shot of air across a surface to stop product buildup on the surface, which in turn maintains product low.” Situated in the heart of the Waikato, Transmission House Limited is a totally New Zealand owned and operated power transmission & conveyor system supplier that has serviced the industrial and agricultural sectors of business since 1986. , . Proudly supporting Golden Bay Cement | +64 7 849 9445 | 47 Vickery St, Te Rapa, Hamilton . . . | | , ,