Business North March 2021

94 | T Sue Russell C arrying a background in building and civil construction placed Edward Foster in good stead to establish Northscape, a Kaitaia-based company offering clients a complete outdoor environment service. “We will build, establish and maintain any structure and environment desired by clients outside the walls of their home or building and to their letterbox,” Edward says. The three worlds of his work experience created the context to establish Northscape and the breadth of services it offers, some- thing Edward says adds a real strength to the company. Edward hired two staff within a month at the start of January 2017 and seven more by the end of the year evidences how the compa- ny has established a strong profile. Meeting landscape needs in Northland “We are an inclusive company, we don’t use a lot of sub-contractors so we are able to control end-to-end the projects we take on.” “We are an inclusive company, we don’t use a lot of sub-contractors so we are able to con- trol end-to-end the projects we take on.” This capability includes landscaping equip- ment most other companies do not necessari- ly have at arm’s reach, such as excavators and tip trucks. Covid-19 presented the challenges of a one-month delay in getting project, already planned underway. The Northscape team includes a landscape architect who is responsible for the drawing and processes around the architectural side. “When we undertake projects in coastal situations, we can plan a landscape that will mitigate coastal erosion and be compliant with council regulations,” says Edward. Northscape also offers a Landscape Shop for people undertaking their own projects, with a same-day delivery of aggregate and sand, stones and pebbles, bark, mulch and firewood. “It just made sense to offer this service, given we have the ability to store and supply these materials.” With a complete package of landscaping services Edward says he feels the company is on a solid footing, in a region which is en- joying unprecedented growth, as those from Auckland and further afield move up North. For ALL your fencing supplies including poles, posts, strainers & fencing hardware. Also residential fencing including posts, palings, rails & landscaping timber. 0800 POKAKA (765 252) REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Northscape “Whenever we do the landscape design and build we also offer a maintenance pro- gramme. This gives clients the option to have their new landscape maintained ongoing.” Edward says he didn’t realise there was such a gap in landscaping services on offer in the Northland region. Northscape is also growing all its own Turf with 40,000sqm of ready-lawn currently in production. “It takes a lot of time and patience and once again we started this arm to our business as a response to a situation we have up here every year.” As for the future, Edward is focusing on the landscape design and build capability. “That’s the direction of the business, as a one-stop-shop for everything outside the walls of the clients home.”