Business North May 2021

104 | BUSINESS GYP Properties Carbon management focus for group Kelly Deeks The carbon credits purchased by GYP Properties support the Loru Rainforest Conservation Project, a tropical rainforest on Vanuatu, home to critically endangered animals and endemic birds. G YP Properties (GYPP) is a real estate developer with key projects including Remarkables Residences in Queens- town, and Bellfield Estate and the upcoming Pakuranga Precinct in Auckland. The group has offices in Singapore and New Zealand, and is a member of the Singapore Green Building Council and a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact’s Ten Princi- ples. In 2019, they launched “Gift of Home”, a social impact programme with a focus on addressing homelessness. GYP Properties corporate marketing di- rector Kathlyn Tan says with impacts already being felt around the world, climate change is no longer a distant threat. “To demonstrate our commitment to lower- ing our carbon footprint, we have aligned our carbon reduction goal with the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, which challenges companies, cities, states, and regions to reach net zero carbon in operation for all assets under their direct control by 2030,” she says. “Our carbon management strategy involves working with our relevant stakeholders to complete our greenhouse gas (GHG) invento- ry, reducing overall energy use, increasing the proportion of renewable energy consumption, and offsetting our remaining GHG emissions.” GYPP works with New Zealand-based Ekos to offset their remaining Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and voluntarily disclosed Scope 3 emissions. This includes emissions associated and not limited to purchased electricity, generators, construction equipment and air travel. For the second consecutive year, GYP Prop- erties is certified Carbon Friendly with Ekos, which in 2020, was achieved by offsetting 313.45 tons CO2e emissions. Ekos’ carbon credit supply chain helps grow and protect indigenous forests, and deliver sustainable development outcomes in rural communities in Aotearoa-New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. The carbon credits purchased by GYPP support the Loru Rainforest Conservation Project, a tropical rainforest on Vanuatu home to critically endangered animals and endemic birds. This rainforest provides valuable protection from cyclones, floods and droughts for the Loru local people, and combines protection of coastal rainforest and agroforestry. In addition to measuring and offsetting their carbon emissions, GYP Properties is working with consultants and builders to in- corporate Homestar rating elements – which include energy, health, comfort, water, waste and materials – into its design work, and ex- pects to reach between six and nine stars. Homestar is a comprehensive, independent national rating tool by the New Zealand Green Building Council. A Homestar rating of six or higher provides assurance a house will be better quality – warmer, drier, healthier, and cost less to run – as compared to a typical new house built to building code. A Homestar rating of 10 denotes a world leading home. “To optimise the use of our buildings, we select the latest in energy-efficient lighting, heating, and appliances,” Kathlyn says. “As construction materials make up 60% to 80% of GHG emissions associated with the production of a building, we are exploring alternative materials and methods of con- struction to both reduce the embodied carbon of our buildings, as well as to reduce construc- tion and demolition waste.” / " с . /$*). 0) - *)./-0 /$*) "$./ - 4*0- $)/ - ./ѷ ''!$ ' ѵ *ѵ)5 earthworks • drainage • roading • utility installation • landscaping Proudly supporting GYP Properties 021 078 8631 Contact Mark