Business Rural Autumn 2022

60 | Groundspreading Stubbs Groundspreading runs a modern fleet of six units. All trucks are fitted with TracMap GPS. Kim Newth Proud to be part of our PH: 0800 303 980 local community from the ground up Stubbs Groundspreading Ltd is an experienced and professional family-owned and operated fertiliser spreading specialist in the Oxford area, offering Spreadmark Certified quality services. Applications of nitrogen, fertilisers, lime and special mixes and blends are delivered by the trusted team with precision and accuracy at rates that meet local farmers’ requirements. Company founder Ivan Stubbs started out working in the transport industry before running an agricultural business with his brother for several years. He and wife Colleen then decided to start their own business, launching Stubbs Groundspreading Ltd with their first unit in February 1997. As the dairy industry boomed, Stubbs Groundspreading grew alongside it. Today, Stubbs Goundspreading runs a modern and well-maintained fleet of six units, all fitted with the right equipment for accurate application of all products. A new unit is added at least every two years with the latest addition being a Scania 4x4 fully equipped with spreader scales, TracMap GPS and V3 Spreader Control to maximise spreading efficiencies. Making a big contribution to the success of the family business today, as it reaches its 25th anniversary milestone in February 2022, are the couple’s daughter Kim Riley, who is at the helm as operations manager, and their sons Gary and Rick, driving spreader units. The business employs three other professional staff. Last August, the whole team moved to spacious new yard and workshop premises at 56 Harewood Rd, Oxford. Stubbs Groundspreading is a member of the New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers Association and is RURAL SERVICES » Stubbs Groundspreading Spreadmark certified, giving assurance to farmers of quality fertiliser placement. All trucks are fitted with TracMap GPS, providing farmers with proof of placement that is now so important for compliance with environmental rules. Fertiliser is only spread where needed. “We get the placement right and the fertiliser goes where it should be,” says Kim. “All our drivers are properly trained operators. We have good management systems in place to ensure we optimise our service to farmers in our area of operation. “Our industry-leading Whitehead V3 Spreader Control System is integrated with scales in the trucks as well, giving automatic density calculation of fertiliser and precision guidance for our drivers. This summer we’re fitting tyre inflation systems in our trucks too so tyre pressure can be adjusted for road or farm use, essentially as a tool to support the health of our drivers and reduce wear and tear on vehicles.” Global supply issues are pushing up fertiliser costs to the farmer and, coupled with Environment Canterbury caps on nitrogen use, demand is growing for mixes that combine fertiliser with different nutrients and trace elements. “That is adding complexity to spreading because the mixes have different densities but the positive side of it is that every farmer wants to make sure they are doing their best and operating in an environmentally friendly way.” The Stubbs team regularly liaises with the Canterbury branch of the NZ Groundspread Fertilisers Association. Kim is also treasurer of the Canterbury branch. “Being members of the association has helped us to advance our business – we have made good use of all the resources and guidance available to us.”