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50 | Vets that look at the bigger picture Holistic Vets founder Liza Schneider (at rear) with some happy clients on farm. Inset: Liza doing an examination. Kelly Deeks Addressing the cause of the symptoms, with conventional veterinary medicines and surgeries as well as complementary therapies, has Tauranga’s Holistic Vets improving patient outcomes and clients’ satisfaction, and now also winning awards. Closely following Holistic Vets founder Liza Schneider’s New Zealand Veterinary Association Veterinary Impact Award in 2020 comes the Customer Experience Award from the Tauranga Business Awards 2021. Holistic Vets was also a nalist in the Sustainable Business, Service Excellence, and Social Enterprise categories. Liza says Holistic Vets, established in 2003, is a leader in its eld, with a strong emphasis on the team doing everything they possibly can to help their patient animals, as well as their humans, and their community, and their environment. “Holistic means looking at the big picture,” she says. “We’re not just managing symptoms, we are trying to get to the root of the problem. We use all of the usual tools vets use and do normal veterinary examinations and diagnostics, but we also have a whole lot of other tools in our toolbelt. “When it comes to getting to the root of the problem, we use complementary therapies as well as the traditional. That way we can make sure we have done everything we possibly can to improve the health and well-being of our patients and their humans. This ensures client satisfaction and also job satisfaction.” Environmental sustainability is a big part of Holistic Vets’ ethos, since an unhealthy environment will impact negatively on the health and well-being of animals and humans. Eco friendly products, power and water saving initiatives, an on site compost and worm farm, and like-minded suppliers who will work with the practice to help reduce packaging and land ll are just some of the innovative strategies Holistic Vets uses to reduce RURAL SERVICES » Holistic Vets • to page 51 its environmental footprint. A switch to compostable cat litter has decreased Holistic Vets’ land ll output by six tonnes a year. The calibre of Holistic Vets staff makes the practice unique. As well as their special skills and character traits that are hard to nd, they ultimately have kindness, caring, and respect as dominant attributes. Our award winning approach combines all the advantages of conventional veterinary medicine and surgery with complementary therapies to achieve excellent results for our patients. 56 Fraser Street, Tauranga 07 578 7054 HolisticVetsNZ HolisticVetsTV Herbal Medicine Welcome to a refreshing approach to your Pets Healthcare - We o er long distance consultation by phone palaMOUNTAINS proudly supporting the holistic welfare of our animals. / 0800 848 276