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44 | Middlehurst Station moves into world Hells Gates. Photo by Tony Hewitt (top). Willy Pears, Lucy Macdonald, Skye Macdonald, Henry Macdonald, Susan Macdonald holding Ruby Johnson, Willie Macdonald, Sophie Johnson, and Tim Johnson (below). Photo by Jim Tannock. Russell Fredric MEAT & WOOL » Middlehurst Station M outh-watering prime merino lamb, whether roasted traditionally, with international influences or as a home-made fast food substitute is just a click away for many Kiwis. Middlehurst Delivered offers a range of merino lamb cuts to tempt almost any palate, with orders placed before midday Monday to Thursday being delivered to urban addresses the next day. The online business was launched in November last year following Ministry of Primary Industry certification, with Cheviot business Harris Meats processing Middlehurst Station’s merinos initially into two offerings of whole and half boxes of lamb. Harris Meats are a short distance from the station’s North Canterbury finishing block, further strengthening the local origin of Middlehurst Delivered’s product. The business is run by Sisters Sophie and Lucy Macdonald who say planning the start-up of the venture in collaboration with Harris Meats was crucial. “There were a lot of different discussions with them as to how we were going to make it work. It’s lucky for us to be able get them to process our animals back in a way that streamlines the supply chain.” After working during 2020 towards opening the business, setting up a website and promoting ALEX SMITH AWATERE VALLEY PHONE 03 5757 762 027 281 4326 EMAIL