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6 | RURAL PEOPLE » Pendella Farms Merino legacy lovingly honoured Photos: Ewes and lambs on lucerne at Pendella Farms in the Maniototo. Along with farming superfine merinos, owners Angela Scott and husband Grant Williams also rear Friesian bull calves. Kim Newth S mall framed sheep grazing the pastures on a Maniototo farm are producing superfine wool of exceptional quality. Most of the clip is being snapped up by Escorial, a globally registered textiles brand selling into a luxury market. Sheep and beef farmer Angela Scott and her hus- band Grant Williams are surrounded by properties that have crossbred and half-bred flocks but Angela has never wavered from her passion of growing fine wool. She inherited her Saxon Merino flock from her father and they continue to play a special part on the 470ha family property, Pendella Farm. “We’ve got 1400 superfine merino ewes and a lot of that wool goes to Escorial and is made into top end suiting fabric and scarves. Our wool is really springy and performs so well as a fabric fibre. We have a very old breed here – almost a heritage breed; Saxon sheep were the original merino, (de- scended from the prized fine-wool flocks of Spain and Saxony). It has been frustrating over the years to see how undervalued it has been at times. We’ve known all along how good it is and that we have a good story to tell.” That story is also one of sustainable farming through the generations. Pendella Farm has been in Angela’s family for 92 years. Extending native plant- ing that can tolerate Maniototo conditions is one of many ongoing sustainability goals. “What sustain- ability means to me is being able to leave this land to those that come after me here in better condition than what I got it in.” Wanting to share the farm’s story, Angela entered the Ballance Farm Environment Awards in 2020 and won BFEA’s Massey University Innovation Award. “It was a great experience – I really enjoyed having the judges on the farm and was rapt to win that award.” Angela has long looked for ways to make life a little easier on farm and that has paved the way to efficient calf feeding systems and making good use of apps and cloud-based programmes to support farm management. Technology is also boosting accurate measuring and recording of live weights. As she observes, having a good set of scales is a critical tool in both beef finishing and calf rearing. “Fundamentally, I like to think of myself as a stock person and I like animals to be fully fed and healthy. I’ve also got good contractors and support people around me. Grant is involved in the agri- culture industry; he helps when he can, but I run the farm. I think it’s important to put my hand up for women in agriculture and let people know that women are capable of farming in their own right and, in fact, are doing so - and doing it well.” Along with farming superfine merinos, Angela rears Friesian bull calves and finishes bulls. “Up to now I’ve been rearing up to 100 kilos on contract but I’m planning to finish everything I rear from now. I grow a lot of lucerne and I also put in fodder beet four years ago and that has been a game changer.” Pendella Farm consists of elevated, irrigated flats where conditions are predominantly dry, with seasonal extremes of hot and cold. For this genetics guardian, merino is still the most suitable sheep for her, the climate and conditions. MAKE THE MOST FROMYOUR LAND Whatever you’re trying to achieve, our complete Performance Agronomy ™ solutions take your unique land, resources and environment into account. To find out more go to 0800 436 723 | PROUD TO SUPPORT LOCAL FARMERS. WaterForce provides industry-leading knowledge, technical expertise and experience. Working with our local farmers, we provide integrated water management solutions to make your land more productive and sustainable. For the latest, most experienced advice and 24/7 after-sales support, contact us. Your local WaterForce Cromwell branch 03 445 4008 or visit PUMPING IRRIGATION WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY EFFLUENT STOCKWATER Partners: Doug Harvie, Craig Wyatt, Brett Challis, Robyn Friedrich and Tom Saul. Software solutions, including Cash Manager, Focus, MYOB, Xero and Figured Harvie GreenWyatt is here to help you maintain and grow your agri business. Our rural business accounting, business and planning disciplines. Phone James 03 614 7080 or Donald 021 187 8186 963 Cleland Road, Pleasant Point O ering 40 heifer mating specialists Yearling bull sale 13 th of October