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64 | MEAT & WOOL » Tahi Ngatahi Online training platform proving a Kim Newth G etting injured on the job has been an all too common experience in New Zealand woolsheds over the years but thankfully health and safety tips for today’s woolshed workers and sheep farmers are now just a smartphone swipe away. Launched in 2018, Tahi Ngatahi (‘One Together’) is an online training platform that uses short video clips to share insights on how to get everyone through the wool harvest safely. The programme was put together as a joint initiative between the NZ Shearing Contractors’ Association (NZSCA), Feder- ated Farmers, Worksafe and ACC to address wool harvest injury rates. In 2017, there were 755 work- related injuries in wool harvesting resulting in 9300 working days lost to the industry and an ACC work account of over $25 million in new claims liability. NZSCA President Mark Barrowcliffe says Tahi Ngatahi has been very well-received and is already starting to make a real difference. “We’ve had positive feedback from ACC regard- ing injury reduction since we launched Tahi Ngatahi and began raising awareness on this,” says Mark, who has been shearing since 1986 and is a shear- ing sports judge, referee and examiner. “Looking back, I wish something like this had been around when I was starting out as a city boy moving into the farm industry. It would have been a great eye opener. I had to learn the hard way but with this online health and safety training there’s no need for anyone to learn that way anymore.” Shearing 70 per cent of the national flock, NZSCA performs 40 million shears a year on 8000 sheep farms in an industry that employs approximately 3200 workers.“However, Tahi Ngatahi is not just for shearers – it’s for everyone in the wool industry, wool handlers, wool pressers, shed hands and farmers. There are more than 30 videos available covering a variety of safety topics for the whole team.” Safety around the wool press is one of the topics covered in the online training platform, Tahi Ngatahi. Woolshed workers can use the Tahi Ngatahi resource to show their employers they are up to speed on health and safety. “We’ve had positive feedback from ACC regarding injury reduction since we launched Tahi Ngatahi and began raising awareness on this.” • to page 66 Proud to support Tahi Ngatahi McCONACHIE PH 03 436 0436 MOBILE 027 430 7678 Available to cover all your shearing and crutching requirements Experienced merino and crossbreed ... Shearers and Shedhands, local and reliable Proud to support Tahi Ngatahi TE ANAU SHEARING LTD Proud to be associated with Tahi Ngatahi Phone: 03 249 7035 Mobile: 027 4348 108 For all your shearing & crutching requirements