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84 | A power free and clean green option RURAL SERVICES » Active Flow Richard Loader F or the last decade Christchurch based waste- water and rainwater specialists Active Flow has been promoting the New Zealand made NaturalFlow range of sewage and wastewater systems, holding the South Island Agency since 2012. Light-weight and purpose built for New Zealand conditions, NaturalFlow’s sewerage and wastewater systems utilise a vermiculture/worm- based treatment process, making the process power free, and without the need for costly periodic sludge removal associated with many systems. Kingsley Kepple who owns and operates Active Flow with his son Luke explains that instead of using power, pumps and computers to treat waste like alternative systems do, NaturalFlow just uses worms to break the solids down and turn them into liquids. “There is nothing mechanical in our system at all. The liquids then go out to disposal fields. So as well as not using any power, the system is very eco-friendly which many people are keen to take on board these days.” Active Flow operates an end-to-end service for its clients from design right through to the first toilet flush and commissioning of the system. “We design, install and service wastewater treatment systems for properties across the South Island, dealing with all the South Island Councils. The systems are accredited nationwide. Our customers are mainly residential rural based customers on lifestyle blocks or in small villages not connected to a town waste system. But we also have some commercial clients whose properties can’t be connected to a reticulated system.” Once contacted by the client and initial site information obtained Active Flow provides a free site visit, quoting on a system specific to the customer’s needs and property. “Once the project has been confirmed we obtain resource consent and then complete in- stallation. We do everything ourselves without the need to outsource any aspect of the project.” While Kingsley and Luke look after the greater Canterbury region from start to finish themselves, they utilise accredited installers for projects in Marlborough, Nelson, Southland and Central for the installation work. Sewage and wastewater treatment systems specifically designed for New Zealand conditions. NaturalFlow • BioRock • Graf • Rainwater Harvesting fl 03 323 8541 INTEGRITY, COMPETENCE & QUALITY. We specialise in: 03 343 4360 290 Clyde road, Bryndwr Good people and Great Accountants! • General Accountancy (SME & Property Investments) • Tax • Business Growth & Strategy • Business Sales & Acquisitions • Cash Flow Forecasts Kingsley says for a one-bedroom tiny home system, the NaturalFlow system starts from $9500 installed and ready to go, while a five- bedroom system costs in the region of $16,000. Costs are all inclusive of design. “Then there are camping grounds, lodges and schools which could over $100,000. We’ve put a lot of systems in remote areas in Central Otago and the Marlborough Sounds. Our systems are under a tonne. Compared to conventional concrete tanks the NaturalFlow systems are quite light and can be airlifted or barged in quite easily, making them a natural choice really.” While specialising in the NaturalFlow system, Active Flow has added some power-based sys- tems for when an alternative system is required. Complementing its range of wastewater systems, Active Flow also offers rainwater har- vesting and storage systems to help with water conservation. Reflecting on the company’s success within in a competitive market, Kingsley believes it has much to do with appealing to a market looking for a power free, clean green option. “We are also a small business and we know all our customers. We offer a complete service from A-Z.” Active Flow has been promoting the New Zealand made NaturalFlow range of sewage and wastewater systems, holding the South Island Agency since 2012.