Business Rural Summer 2021

16 | Strong growth for Kim Newth W inton sheep, beef and crop farmers and agricultural contractors Brian and Karen Hammond have made the most of op- portunities in their area over the past four years to expand their original home and hill lease holding and build a sustainable future for their family farm business. Farming goes back a long way in Brian’s family. In fact, his parents Neil and Barbara and Neil’s brother and wife were recipients of a New Zealand Century Farm Award in 2007. Neil’s grandfather, Henry, first bought a block of land at East Limehills in 1902, cleared the land and built a house. The name ‘Hammond’ is well-known in this area. Brian is a true local, having been born only 3km down the road from where he lives and farms today. Karen, who works as a school teacher, grew up a little further away on a farm in Central Otago. The couple has more than doubled their farm area over the past few years, from 160 hectares to 343 hectares, by investing positively in lease and purchase options as they have come along. Around 48 hectares is gentle rolling hill country while the remainder is flat. The farm operation is spread over three separate blocks: the home block is used for breeding sheep; the hill block for wintering cattle; while the most recently acquired block is used for running replacements plus some cattle, store lambs and hoggets. Cereal crops are grown over 70 hectares. “Winter barley, spring barley and spring oats are grown across all three blocks. MEAT & WOOL » Hammond Rural Holdings The barely is mostly sold privately to dairy farm- ers, while the oats are sold to local businesses for the equine market.” Making a big contribution to the farm operation’s success today are the couple’s two sons. Matthew, 22, worked in sheep and beef farming for a few years before coming home full-time. Jacob, 20, is part-time at home. He is also working part-time and for a local cropping farmer plus a rural contractor. As well, Brian’s father Neil still helps out regularly. “Dad still likes to stay involved and do odd jobs. It’s really handy for us to have his input and Mum also helps out now and again.” Stock units comprise approximately 1200 Coopworth Texel ewes and 400 hoggets, plus 100 beef cattle. “We buy our cattle as weaners in April and sell them mostly before Christmas and try to stick with Angus as some of the heifers can go as breeding stock. We lamb early, starting in August, to try and get the early premium. They go to a terminal ram: we’ve been using Charollais for the last few years and Beltex for fast growth and high meat yields.” Early lambing has been a little challenging this year, with a wet spring putting pressure on feed but the advent of warmer days has brought welcome growth. Brian’s love of machinery is where the contract- ing side of the business started. “I bought a baler and my cousin bought the wrapper. I also do a full cultivation service. We have a small loyal client base for the contracting and for feed and straw sales…We are also planting natives as part of our riparian planting programme.” Winton sheep beef and crop farmers the Hammond family (top, from left): Jacob, Brian, Matthew and Neil Hammond. 34 Pukerau St, Pukerau | 0508 205 205 - 03 205 3801 | SPECIALISING IN ENHANCING YOUR LANDSCAPE Pukerau Nursery is one of the principal growers of eco-sourced native plants in the lower South Island. Providing ‘the right plant for the right place’ SPM is proud to support Hammond Rural Holdings Ltd WWW.AFFCO.CO.NZ | 0800 233 2669 All your shearing, crutching and tailing requirements. Southland & South Otago Winton | 027 345 0963 | 03 236 1401 | Meba Genetics High Fertility • Easy Care • Good growth rates • High yielding Nathan and Brian Howden, Waikoikoi email:, Ph: (03) 207 6823 Texel, Genetex, Texel x Charollais, Texel x Suffolk, Texel x Charollais x Beltex x Poll Dorset