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| 21 Calibration Flock study tool for growth Suffolk rams at Mt Annan Suffolk Stud at Waikoikoi, West Otago. Flynn (10), Ross and Tracey McCall. Kelly Deeks MEAT & WOOL » Mt Annan R oss and Tracey McCall’s Mt Annan Suffolk stud is producing thick, and meaty ram lambs with good survival and longevity, with the couple providing high ranked ram lambs from leading sires to the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics South Island Genomic Calibration Flock study at Te Anau. “Beef + Lamb New Zealand has developed genomics for productive traits and meat quality traits,” Ross says. “We are using this technology as it emerges to gain improvements in meat, growth, and survival, while also improving meat quality.” Ross has been breeding Suffolks since the age of 15, when he went into partnership with Horace Murray in Gore. By 18, he bought the flock and went and leased the 240ha family farm at Waikoikoi, West Otago from his uncle. A year later, he bought the farm. Ross is the fifth generation to farm the property and his son Flynn, 10, will be the sixth. Ross sits on the New Zealand Suffolk Breeders Club committee, while Tracey is the secretary for the Otago-Southland Suffolk Breeders Club. They enjoy playing their part to promote the breed, and through the club and the Calibration Flock, are happy to be able to utilise the latest technologies coming through. The McCalls run 2400 ewes, including 1000 stud Suffolk and Suftex ewes, and 100 Southdown stud ewes, with the balance of commercial ewes. This year, one ram has won the McCalls the supreme sheep of the show at the Mt Benger A&P Show, and the same title at the West Otago A&P Show in Tapanui last November. Another of their Suffolk rams won the champion title at the Winton show in January, and the cham- pion Suffolk title at the Gore show in February. Both of these rams feature in the top 10 SIL rankings. Ross and Tracey says their ram’s figures are important. They strive to ensure their conformation, do-ability, and survivability match, and they carry out additional DNA testing for survivability and cold tolerance. “When we sell to clients, they will come back to us because our lambs match their ratings.” Ross likes the Suffolk breed for its dark facial coloration for lamb traceability, its good growth rates and early maturing rates, and its good meat yielding qualities. “They are good and hardy which really helps us here, on top of a hill over 1000 feet,” Ross says. “They have the blackest face of all the terminal breeds, and one of our breeding goals has always been to keep that nice black face, and keep- ing their pure breed.” As a trial, Ross introduced Beltex rams two years ago and the hybrid vigor has produced lively lambs at birth with increased meat in the hind quarter. Ross still maintains the straight Suffolk is fantastic for early growth and maturity. “We are amalgamat- ing the best of both breeds into our Suftex.” “We are amalgamating the best of both breeds into our Suftex.” Pleased to support Mt Annan Alan Macdonald Jack Perniskie Erin Howes Tim Walsh Caleb Macdonald Maitland Contracting Ltd Call Willy: 0276309032 or A/H: 03-2076879 Email: 8thWaterton Ram Sale Charollais, % Charollais, Suffolk and South Suffolk Rams THELARGESTOFFERINGOFCHAROLLAIS AND CHAROLLAIS X IN CANTERBURY 20 Pure Charollais – 40 Suffolk – 20 South Suffolk – 20 Charollais Suffolk – 20 Percent Charollais PWA Snow Buckley 027 561 4652 PGGW Greg Uren 027 431 4051 Chris Hampton 03 614 3330 027 202 5679 Carrfields 027 587 0131 PWA Wayne Andrews 027 484 8232 PGGW Simon Eddington 027 590 8612 Callum Dunnett Also on Viewing from 2.30pm Helmsman Sale 4.00pm Tuesday 14 December 2021 Belmont Station, 50 Kerr Road, Cave, South Canterbury - Hill bred - Commercially farmed - SIL recorded - Eye Muscle Scanned - Brucellosis Accredited - Over 60 years breeding For more information or a catalogue, contact: Find us on Facebook: Waterton Sheep Stud