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68 | Servicing Canterbury’s irrigation needs Rainer Irrigation Director Gavin (left) and Les Briggs. Kim Newth RURAL SERVICES » Rainer Irrigation Ltd R ainer Irrigation has been there every step of the way for Mid Canterbury farmers over the past three decades or more as a specialist in the design, supply, installation and servicing of irrigation and effluent systems and is today adapt- ing to changing times, as dairy growth slows, through its strong service industry focus. Family-owned, Rainer Irrigation has an inter- generational history in the South Island farming scene and has long provided a great back up service following sale and installation of Zimmatic pivots. Today, their experienced team is trained and equipped to service and repair all facets of irrigation and effluent. “We do more training now than we ever have and we’ve been going now for over 32 years,” says Rainer Irrigation Director Gavin Briggs. “We service several pivot brands. Effectively, all pivot systems are steel on wheels with a wraparound electrical system. Most issues that come up are mechanical but may also involve gear boxes, electric motors and electrical circuitry. “We run a seven day a week service and spend a lot of time making sure that what goes in is kept going - it’s our customer livelihood that’s at stake.” Many Rainer Irrigation employees have worked for the company for decades and bring a wealth of local knowledge and practical experience to their work, whether it’s for a new design, an up- grade of existing irrigation or a servicing require- ment. “We have a staff of 72 and are delighted to have recently welcomed five former employees who have come back to work for us again. It tells you a lot about our reputation.” Rainer Irrigation has a well-stocked service department equipped with a large fleet of Hiabs, diggers, telelifters and service trucks. A rapid re- sponse service is assured during the busy irriga- tion season to minimise downtime. Servicing and maintenance is also carried out over the quieter winter months to help reduce the likelihood of future breakdowns. While the company’s main base of operations is in Ashburton, Rainer Irrigation has recently extended its reach into North Canterbury via a satellite branch in Darfield. “Two of our employees have a great reputation in that area. We think it makes a lot of sense for people to cover the area they live in and extend our great service to those places.” Innovation is in the DNA of this certified provider, which is accredited in both irriga- tion and dairy farm effluent design. Rainer is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment and has been making the popular Briggs model 10 and 15 effluent spreaders for decades. In 2018, Rainer won the Innovation in Irrigation Award with its Vibra Screen system that allows dairy effluent liquid to be recycled and used to fertilise pasture. The Vibra Screen removes effluent solids larger than 1mm, with the liquid able to be applied to pasture through centre pivot irrigators, allowing for a large area to be covered with a high degree of reliability. Meanwhile, Gavin notes that while Rainer Irrigation is not immune from rising freight costs stemming from the Covid situation, the company has been proactive about ordering in advance. “It’s just taking longer, hence time lines are grow- ing.” “Two of our employees have a great reputation in North Canterbury. We think it makes a lot of sense for people to cover the area they live in and extend our great service to those places.” ENGINEERED PUMPING SOLUTIONS – Sales | Service | Technical Support 18 Hammersmith Drive, Wigram, Christchurch 0800 PLEUGER BEST-IN-CLASS SUBMERSIBLE PUMP AND MOTOR SOLUTIONS FROM THE RELIABILITY EXPERTS Proud supplier to Rainer Irrigation Ltd Submersible and End Suction Pumps