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| 73 RCNZ encouraging a longer-term view Following two very difficult seasons and labour shortages, RCNZ has benefited from the Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund to assist members. Richard Loader • To page 74 RURAL SERVICES » Rural Contractors New Zealand W hen Andrew Olsen took the newly es- tablished full time role of CEO for Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) he says he arrived during a perfect storm. But he says the timing was also the perfect opportunity to add to the work already in place to meet the current challenges faced by rural contractors. Representing 650 members throughout New Zealand in both cultivation and agrichemical contracting RCNZ has been part of New Zealand’s primary industry landscape for just over quarter of a century. Andrew says the two main challenges cur- rently facing rural contractors are immigration settings and the expert global workforce that will be needed for a few years to come. “We have started conversations through a committee formed by Government to take submissions on the workforce in the wider primary industry. That will see a lot more col- laborative effort and working groups formed that span the primary sector, looking at how to improve things for next year. If you expect that a farmer, a dairy worker or a rural contractor is going to be an immigration officer in their spare time and fill out thousands of forms correctly first time, every time for all the overseas workers they need to bring in, you are kidding your self. We know that this massive iceberg is sitting right in the way of the success of many businesses, including farm- ers, because farmers need contractors, so we have to get that setting right.” For more information check out our website Or call/email us, Hamish: 0274 306 869 Office: 03 204 8112, • Stabilising • Rock Crushing • Stump Grinding & Mulching • Reefinator • Earthmoving & Excavation We are registered and quali ed contractors doing all cultivation and baling work, post driving and recycling of Ag plastics. Profile your business with the Business Rural Publication VERSATILE - ROBUST - PRECISE BA MURRAY LTD “Our Machine Can Be Perfectly Adapted To Suit Your Requirements” • Versatile From Direct Drilling To Cultivated Soils • Metering Of Up To Three Individual Components • High Coulter Pressure • Suitable For All Sowing Conditions FARMING WITH PASSION BEET HARVESTING & PLANTING STOCKFEED BLENDS AVAILABLE FODDER BEET HARVESTING Operating late model modern equipment ensuring reliability and efficiency Experienced operators now into our 9th season of harvesting Operating a Grimme opal wheeled harvester capable of lifting 1.5 hectare + per hour WE TRAVEL, SO CALL US. BOOK NOW! BEET PLANTING Now operating a 9m precision planter We plant to ensure efficient harvesting - no waste, decrease cost ALSO AVAILABLE Tractor & tip trailer units with low ground pressure tyres Self propelled chaser bin for loading trucks for those long hauls