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46 | Horticulture » Pure Oil NZ NZ sunflower oil on global stage Hugh de Lacy High quality oilseed products producer Pure Oil NZ, produces seed oils and stock-feeds at its sprawling factory in Rolleston, southwest of Christchurch.- Pure Oil is in its tenth year of operation after being founded by Nick Murney. He switched the plant’s focus from fuel oil to pressing oilseeds by offering farmers contracts to grow oilseed rape and sun owers. The oil is marketed to wholesale food distributors and retail consumers, and the residues sold as stock-feeds. The attraction to farmers is the xed-price, open-quantity contracts which have attracted arable growers in Central Otago and North and South Canterbury. The oilseed crops are an important part of the farmers rotation, providing good returns and improving production of the whole cropping rotation. In 2012, the rst year of production, the vast plant produced 3000 litres of rapeseed oil, while the protein and nutrient rich residues were sold as bulk and bagged stock-feeds. Oil production has since rocketed to 8000 litres from 18,000 tonnes of grain. Those gures are expected to continue to climb steadily with the plant not needing any further investment in crushing and drying equipment until it reaches its capacity of around 25,000t, working round the clock six days a week. Pure Oil NZ sources GE- free seeds and has over 80 grower suppliers that grow High Oleic oilseeds for cold pressing. The company has over 25 staff including a team of quali ed agronomists working closely with farmers to optimise yields and achieve better results. Bulk supplies of oil to food manufacturers played a key role from onset, and over the past few years it has created its own brands targeting niches in the domestic market for both oil and stock-feed. The Good Oil is the company’s well-known brand for cold-pressed extra virgin high oleic oils, predominantly rapeseed oil and sun ower oil sold in supermarkets across the country. Demand for bulk RBD oil and virgin oil is increasing in New Zealand and Pure Oil is at the forefront of the industry, working directly with grower suppliers to grow crops and process oils for the New Zealand food manufacturers. Other brands include Ezi Cover Adjuvant Oil that assists arable sprays adhere to targeted plants, and a cold-pressed oil-based dust suppressant for roads and yards is offered as Not So Dusty. Leg Up equine oils and meals have found a niche following among the horse lovers for its outstanding results and ease of use. New Zealand imports $25 million of goods a year from Ukraine – the main one being sun ower oil. Pure Oil NZ is looking to more than triple its production of sun ower oil in response to global shortfall. Lately, suspended imports from Ukraine have made sun ower oil a major growth area for Pure Oil which is aiming to expand its contracted growing area from 400ha a year to 1000ha in the coming year. Soya beans too are in the expansion picture with the company aiming to establish the crop in the arable market for high-quality minimally processed seeds. Being agri-based business sustainability is a key element of the company’s operations which is re ected in multiple areas; Pure Oil operates a ‘Zero Waste Model’, the crush plant is powered by renewable hydro power, low foodmiles, commitment to reduce plastic in packaging and paddock-to warehouse traceability. “We’re keeping a weather eye on the possibility of eventually getting into signi cant diesel-oil production, which was what the plant was originally designed for, as the demand for non-polluting fuels grows under the in uence of global warming,” Nick says. Sun ower oil a major growth area for Pure Oil (main image). Pure Oil soy bean crop 2022 (inset image).