Business South April 2022

| 81 Kelly Deeks Kaiuma Bay Builders has recently completed a build with mezzanine floor and exposed beams using the Potius™ timber panel system. Tasman - Kaiuma Bay Builders BUILDING Kaiuma Bay Builders, in the beautiful Pelorus Sound in Marlborough is now using a locally engineered timber panel system, providing a fast and lightweight alternative to conventional roof and flooring structures. Peter Sykes has been building in Kaiuma Bay since he moved there in 2015. In seven years, he has never had to leave the bay for work, in fact the furthest building site was only about 400m from his house. The 240-section Kaiuma Bay Estate was originally put together by Marlborough entrepreneur Peter Yealands in 2004, four years before he founded Yealands Family Wines, but the development stalled in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis. Power was already supplied to the subdivision, sewage schemes were build, and the roads had been sealed and named. The development was picked up in 2013 by Sounds Lifestyle Investments, and by the time Peter arrived, he had one neighbour in the bay. “Now we’ve got about 25 people living here,” he says. “I’ve built six of the houses in the bay, I’ve got three on the go, and four more to start after those.” When one of Peter’s neighbours told him he was going to build a house in one day, Peter didn’t believe him. Heading to site at 6.30am to watch as the Potius™ Panels started turning up, Peter saw the flooring panels installed, already insulated with spray insulation, the walls, already lined on the inside with rigid air barrier and already spray insulated on the inside, and the roof panels with the same rigid air barrier on top and spray insulation on the inside. By 7pm the same day, the home was up and waterproof. “I was so impressed,” he says. “I got involved with Potius and we started using this system. The houses we’re going forward with are now finished turnkey jobs, including flooring, tiles, and appliances. We’ve got our own subcontractors and our own designers, so we can design homes for our clients then the Potius engineers put the design into the Potius system. These panels are manufactured by Konstruhkt of Nelson. We can do anything, residential, commercial, multi-level. We’ve recently completed one with a great big mezzanine floor and exposed beams. It looks really good and it’s a really quick way of building.” Potius™ Panels are engineered to span up to 12m and their light weight reduces loads and crane requirements, and need fewer piles under the building, all saving time and cost. Making allowances for supply chain delays, Kaiuma Bay Builders says it can have a typical beach bach of 100sqm up and finished in 12 weeks. Peter says things are going really well at Kaiuma Bay Estate and there is a lot of work to be done. He has just increased his team of builders from three to four, as he looks to get his weary body off the building site and start taking Kaiuma Bay Builders and the Potius system outside of the Sounds and into the wider Marlborough region. Builder sold on panel system , • Manufacturer of Potius Floor, Wall & Roof Panels • Timber frame post & beam cutting • Relocatable buildings • Site installation services P 03 970 0082 M 021 277 9577 E PO Box 3489, Richmond 7050 109 Aporo Road, RD 1 Upper Moutere 7173 M 021 838 912 E W