Business South Dec / Jan 2022

18 | Ilam Medical Centre New era for family medical centre Kim Newth Digging in: Joe Osborne, Dr Brett Mann (shareholder, general practitioner), Dr Andy Osborne (shareholder, general practitioner), and Gerald Cummins, (tenant, physiotherapist) break the ground on the site of the new Ilam Health centre. REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT With construction in full swing, an exciting new integrated family health centre at 110 Memorial Ave is on track to be operational in stages from mid2022. Called Ilam Health, the new centre will extend and improve the range of health services currently available for the community with 10 healthcare providers preparing to operate from the site. The project is being undertaken by the doctors at Ilam Medical Centre and pharmacists from the adjoining Unichem Ilam Healthworks Pharmacy, who formed Ilam Medical Developments Ltd in 2000. The current shareholders of Ilam Medical Developments are Dr Mark Cohen, Dr Brett Mann, Dr Andy Osborne, Simon Brown and Carolyn Oakley-Brown. An enthusiastic contributor to the project in the early days was Peter Fear, the pharmacy’s previous owner who has since retired. Given that Ilam Medical Centre cares for about 8500 people from the local community, seeing an average of 250 people every working day, the medical centre staff are relishing the prospect of positive change that this new centre and its clinical layout represents for providing continued quality healthcare as well as new services,” says Helena Parsons, project facilitator with Ilam Medical Developments. “The current building at 106 Memorial Avenue has served its patients well over the decades, but it is too small and the centre has outgrown it. “With many services once delivered in the hospital now being provided in primary care, the medical centre needs a more modern layout with additional rooms to cater for the demand. The current building has only had one significant refurbishment since being constructed back in 1970.” Pegasus Health and IKON have worked with the development team on clinical design to ensure Ilam Health fulfils clinical aspirations for modern patient care. For example, the new Ilam Medical Centre clinic at Ilam Health has an isolation area where patients suspected to be infected with viruses such as COVID-19 can receive treatment in a separate environment away from other staff and patients. “The clinic is installing a number of reclining chairs to allow long procedures to be done comfortably in a semi-private environment. A new four-bed treatment bay with nursing station alongside will allow more flexibility whilst ensuring patients can be continuously monitored.” Other healthcare providers confirmed to be joining the general practice team in the new Ilam Health building include Ilam Dental Centre (with five dental chairs being installed), Unichem Ilam Healthworks Pharmacy, Ilam Physiotherapy, Footprints Podiatry, Puriri Psychotherapy, SMJ counselling and an acupuncturist. It is hoped that co-location of Ilam Medical Centre and Unichem Ilam Healthworks Pharmacy alongside other complementary providers will support closer engagement between practitioners with flow-on benefits for patients. Making the most of the three titles that it occupies, Ilam Health is well positioned with plenty of carparks and bike parking available on site. The new 1296sqm centre, attractively clad in cedar and designed to meet high standards of energy efficiency, is constructed using sustainable materials wherever possible and has photovoltaic solar panels being installed. Each practitioner will deliver services from modern clinical spaces that are warm, light and well ventilated. Thought has also been given to the interior architecture, paint colours and signage throughout the building to assist those with disabilities such as visually impaired visitors to navigate successfully to their practitioner. Site preparations began in mid-March 2021 with Moore Construction undertaking demolition of 110 Memorial Avenue. The main contractor, Hanham & Philp, is now well underway with the build. The new centre is due to open in stages from mid-2022. “We are working closely with the construction company to minimise disruption to businesses, patients, staff and neighbours and we’re pleased with their conduct, performance and progress to date. Things are moving along, even with the lockdown and material supply impacts due to COVID-19.” “A new four-bed treatment bay with nursing station alongside will ensure patients can be continuously monitored.” info@ 03 352 9207 EST. 1976 ILAM MEDICAL CENTRE DESIGN PARTNERS & ARCHITECTS Excited to be joining the Ilam Medical Development in 2022 Ilam Dental - Your Friendly Christchurch Dentists 03 348 1602