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42 | CONTRACTING Nelson and Marlborough Civil Contractor Awards - Nelmac Nelmac conquers challenging project Richard Loader Successfully accomplishing a challenging project has earned Nelson based Nelmac top prize in the Cable Price Projects Valued $200,001 - $750,000 category at the 2021 Nelson and Marlborough Civil Contractor awards. The Poorman Stream Shared Pathway project in Nelson’s suburb of Stoke showcases the breadth of Nelmac’s work across Nelmac’s three operational divisions — Conservation, Water and Recreation. The development of a shared cycle and pedestrian pathway required protection of waterways and ecology, construction of a retaining wall, concrete work, detailed project management and a high level of communication with a diverse range of stakeholders. The 2.5 metre pathway runs along the true left bank of the Poorman Stream from Main Road Stoke and past the Whareama Rest Home through to Neale Avenue, creating a connection between the popular recreation areas of Neale Reserve, Isel Park and Greenmeadows Reserve. “We had to ensure we looked after the ecology of the stream and maintain very good sediment and erosion control,” says Richard Lester, Nelmac’s Divisional Leader - Water. “In order to build the pathway we had to excavate the bank and vegetation that bordered the stream. “As we cleared vegetation the ground wasn’t as we expected and so we also had to deal with that change.” Without reducing capacity of the stream a MagnumStone retaining wall was constructed on the stream’s boundary. Manufactured in New Zealand, MagnumStone is a large wet-cast interlocking concrete block system that provides an aesthetically pleasing, robust and cost-effective retaining solution. “The blocks hadn’t been used in the South Island before and so it was new technology to us. With prior planning and forethought construction of the wall went really well and provided the shoring necessary to construct the pathway, back-filling the pathway to the top of the wall with concrete form on top of that for the finish.” Working in very close proximity to the Whareama Rest Home, Nelmac identified a high-risk interface that it needed to control well, maintaining strict Covid rules. “We didn’t wanted to be a cause for alarm for the residents. We ensured the Rest Home management and residents were well protected and comfortable with what we were doing and how we were operating, and that we had measures in place so we didn’t impact on anyone. “At the top end of Stoke we were right beside a Fire Station, which needed twenty-four hour access, so we couldn’t block that. There was also a Countdown Supermarket. “On the other side of the stream there were a whole lot of residential properties overlooking our site.” Contracted by the Nelson City Council to undertake the project, practical completion was obtained in September this year. “Nelmac’s work, communication and ecology management resulted in a wonderful new facility for the community and we are delighted that Nelmac won this award,” says Lois Plum, Nelson City Council’s Capital Projects Manager. “We felt very proud of the project and wanted to showcase it by entering the Civil Construction awards, “ says Richard. “We wanted to announce to the world that Nelmac was capable of doing these projects and doing them well. “We didn’t wanted to be a cause for alarm for the residents. We ensured the Rest Home management and residents were well protected.” “We were confident that we were putting the right project up for the award but we were also aware there was very good competition with other contractors. We were overjoyed to win the award and that some of the guys who were part of the project could be there.” On the night, Nelmac’s prize was an exquisite clay artwork completed by renowned Upper Moutere artist Katie Gold. The artwork will take pride of place in Nelmac’s office foyer. Nelmac operates throughout the Top of the South with teams working nationally in the conservation area. “At our core we are an environmental company and that is what links our three main divisions – three waters; recreation which includes parks and reserves, sports turfs and green spaces; and then we have our Kūmānu division which does all the pest control and works in the conservation space. Our vision is to enhance our environment.” Richard says there is a core value of servicing the community and the environment. “The values of a lot of people that we work for align with that and the work we do. “People have a passion for working with Nelmac and the work we do as Nelmac, especially Nelmac Kūmānu.” 81 Selwyn Place, Nelson 248 Montreal St, Christchurch Phone 0800 807 818 SURVEYORS ∙ PLANNERS ∙ ENGINEERS ∙ RESOURCE MANAGERS Proudly supporting Nelmac Nelson Kerbing Construction Work INDEPENDENT KERB & CONCRETE Independent Kerb & Concrete pleased to supply kerbing to Nelmac Nelson 75 Parkers Road, Tahunanui, Nelson Phone (03) 548 6491 | Website