Business South Dec / Jan 2022

| 55 INDUSTRY Hotsprings Spas Christchurch New showroom for Hotsprings Spas Richard Loader Hotspring Spas has multiple lines to suit most budgets and all models will be displayed in the new Hornby showroom. Architecturally designed to a very high standard, when completed early next year the expansion of Hotsprings Spas Christchurch showroom in Hornby will enable the full suite of high-end Hotspring Spas to be displayed. Manufactured in the United States Hotspring Spas is the number one selling brand of spas in the world, and has had a Christchurch agency for the last 30 years. Brothers Matthew and Jeffrey Lowe have held the South Island agency for Hotsprings Spas since 2004 and say they wanted to make the showroom one of the most modern and state-of-the-art showrooms in New Zealand. The Hornby building and Hotsprings New Zealand is owned by Dale Paretovich, who has also been a key driver in the extension project. Internally the extension will increase the interior showroom to 600sqm, and provide a 200sqm outdoor display area under a double height pergola with louvres and surrounded by glass pool fencing. Floor to ceiling glazing on all roadside faces of the double height building will create a highly visual street appeal, offering customers a hint of what lies within. At the heart of the expansion project has been the need to provide adequate display facilities for the increasing range of Hotspring Spas. “The extension will enable us to have one of the largest displays of high-end spas in the South Island and deliver an unsurpassed customer experience, viewing a very wide range of high-end product,” says Matt. “More product lines have come on in recent years, and displaying the large range of swim spas required more space. We feel that bricks and mortar have a large part to play in high-end products like the US manufactured Hotspring Spas. Enabling customers the ability to physically see and touch a high-end product is still very important when spending large amounts of money.” With spas ranging from $6500 to over $110,000 and from as small as 1.6 metres to over 6 metres Hotspring Spa’s have multiple lines to suit most budgets and all models will be displayed in the new Hornby showroom. “There has always been a demand at our end of the market from the customer who can see that there is more than just the initial purchase price. We pride ourselves on having fully insulated spas, hence our purchase prices are a little higher. But it does mean the running costs are lower — probably the lowest running costs on the market. Hotspring Spas is the only manufacturer to have an integrated salt water system, which generates the sanitiser from only salt added to the water. “With Hotspring Spas bringing out the salt water system, which is extremely hard to do, innovation has kept us at the forefront of technology.” Matthew says offering a high quality product has been a key to the business’s success. Earlier this year the brothers opened a new Hotspring Spas show room in Dunedin and plan to open a showroom in Nelson midway through next year. Lead contractor for the Hornby extension is AJ Scott Construction. A false wall erected at the front of the building has enabled the business to keep operating while the project is underway. Like us Commercial Residential Solar Data Heat Pumps