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| 77 Muldrew Builders have struck gold Russell Fredric A key part of the client’s brief was to achieve the best value for their budget for the size of the house they wanted. BUILDING House of The Year Awards: Muldrew Builders After five years of flying under the radar, Ashburton company Muldrew Builders have struck gold in the 2021 Registered Master Builders House of the Year awards. The company won a Mid and South Canterbury gold award in the new home in the $450,000 to $600,000 category for a 256 square metre family home built in Tinwald. Despite the quality of the build and the house being architecturally designed, the final cost was at the lower end of the award scale. The contract to build the house came from a word of mouth referral as the result of Muldrew Builders building a house for a neighbour of the client who lived in Tauranga at the time. Because the client approached Muldrew Builders and provided a loose draught of what they wanted at the outset, Dave was able to refer them to an architect and to contribute to the design process. An important part of this was Dave’s input as to what was possible in relation to the supply of materials in the current covid environment. “We all sat down and talked through cladding options and what products we can and can’t get and tried to steer them in the right direction. “Obviously budget’s a big thing and having input into the design is a huge advantage to the client and can save them a lot of money. You can save them thousands just with simple little tweaks,” Dave says. Crucially, being thorough with the clients needs and with the detail of the plan can enable products to be ordered early. A key part of the client’s brief for the three bedroom, two bathroom home was to achieve the best value for their budget for the size of the house they wanted. This was was achieved with the house being “only just” over the $450,000 mark, but due to the quickly increasing cost of materials is something that could not be repeated, Dave says. One of the features of its construction was incorporating RAB (rigid air barrier) Board, an all in one bracing, airtight and fire resistant fibre cement sheet which is fixed under the exterior cladding. “This is something we believe is a superior way of building and recommend it to all of our clients.” The panel has a built in air and water resistant barrier to keep moisture out, while still allowing the moisture vapour to pass through allowing the framing cavity to dry. The cladding is a complementary combination of Linea Oblique black weatherboard and white Loxo plaster over concrete panel which contrasts nicely with the dark coloured-steel roof. Inside, the use of white and neutral tones creates a sense of space throughout while timber flooring and carpet add warmth. Despite the low cost of the build, the master bedroom has a roomy walk-in wardrobe, the kitchen a scullery and a deep bath and patterned tiles add a touch of class to the bathroom. Another clever feature is inset ceilings which create a greater sense of height in the lounge and kitchen without the considerable extra expense of a higher stud. Colourplus Ashburton are proud to be interior specialists for Muldrew Builders • Textures & Specialist Coatings • Licensed Rockcote Plasterers • Interior & Exterior Painting • Factory Lacquer Finishes • Plasterboard Stopping • Level 5 Spray Finish • Wallpapering & Decorating FREE PHONE: 0800 TFC ASH (832 274) 15 Grey St, Ashburton| Ph: 03 307 8870 PROFESSIONAL DECORATING & PLASTERING