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| 25 Henderson Dairy Fresh Milk REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT - SOUTHLAND T Russell Fredric Henderson Dairy Farm Fresh Milk was the first MPI registered raw milk supplier in Southland. It added pasteurised milk to the product line in 2020. Requests from friends prompted Geoff and Beth Henderson to start selling raw milk direct from their Eastern Southland farm in 2016. As a result, Henderson Dairy Farm Fresh Milk became the first Ministry of Primary Industries registered raw milk supplier in Southland and, in 2020, added pasteurised milk to its product line. Beth says offering pasteurised milk has opened up a larger market and contributed to the growth of the business. “This allowed us to sell milk in shops, so more people can benefit from our milk.” The couple own and operate a self-contained 260 cow dairy farm on 130 hectares 10 minutes north east of Gore on State Highway 1. As demand grew and regulations became more stringent, including the need to have milk at less than six degrees Celsius within two hours of milking, the addition of greater storage capacity and chilling facilities for both the raw and pasteurised milk was needed. The Henderson’s have a separate mixed herd, which includes Jerseys, for raw milk collection. These are young cross bred animals which produce A2 milk from a C10 TB free herd with a low somatic cell count. Regular milk contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein, but A2 milk contains only A2 beta-casein. Research has found that A2 milk prevents some symptoms of dairy intolerance and eases others, even though it contains the same amount of lactose as regular milk. “We use those cows for both pasteurised and raw milk. “We are not charging any extra for A2 Pasteurised milk adds scope to business compared to the normal milk. A2 is easier for some people to digest than normal milk. Raw milk has nothing added or nothing removed, but the requirements for testing the milk are “Some people with eczema have found raw milk can help alleviate eczema. There’s a lot that believe they might be lactose intolerant whereas raw milk, they have no problems drinking it.” very strict, we have to do that every 10 days to make sure there’s no contaminants, but it’s still got all the good bacteria. “Some people with eczema have found raw milk can help alleviate eczema. There’s a lot that believe they might be lactose intolerant whereas raw milk, they have no problems drinking it.” Demand for Henderson Dairy Fresh Milk means the business has two refrigerated vehicles delivering to homes and retailers in Eastern and Northern Southland, Tapanui and Invercargill, plus to Cafe Ambience in Gore five days a week. “We are delighted that Cafe Ambience use solely our milk now.” Henderson Dairy is the only Southland A2 raw milk supplier that sells milk in reusable glass bottles. In producing a quality natural product, the Henderson’s believe in treating their cows with respect, consequently they are well fed with high quality lush grass along with farmgrown high feed value silage and baleage. “We are continually striving to improve our farming system for both the cows and the environment, which in turn provides a better dairy product for the consumer.” “As quiet cow temperament has always been top priority in the breeding protocol, the herd is an easy to milk herd with relaxed contented cows.” Phone: 03 983 5500 Your Business, Your Industry, Your News. DO OUR READERS KNOW YOU EXIST? Come in and enjoy delicious Emporio co ee prepared by our barista and browse our fresh, healthymenu All meals aremade in-house inspired by European lavours Dine in or takeaway Mon-Fri 7:30am- 4.30pm Sat 8am- 2pm, Closed Sunday 51Main St, Gore 03 208 5888 BUILDING BUSINESS CONFIDENCE