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48 | Lake Hood Properties DEVELOPMENT Lake Hood hidden jewel Lake Hood has evolved into one of New Zealand’s leading man-made recreational lakes. Its popularity has surged in recent years. T T Karen Phelps Brophy Knight are proud to provide accounting and advisory services to Lake Hood Properties For accounting and business advice, contact: Marcus Schoonderbeek, Greg Wall, Brendon Adam, Angus Lindsay or Emma Hastings Fox & Associates Offices in Christchurch and Ashburton Email : | Phone : 0800 369 787 (0800 FOXSURVEY) +64 3 903 2770 Proud to be the lead consultants for the Lake Hood Development A family-owned business, building homes inMid Canterbury for over 40years! DesMillar Constructionwas proud to be a part of this project Contact SamMillar any time for a free no-obligation quote 0274 641 042 | Just minutes from the heart of Ashburton, Lake Hood has been a hidden asset in mid Canterbury. But its star is on the rise as more people discover the recreational asset on offer to the general public as well as the opportunity to build a home there, says Leandra Fitzgibbon, Lake Hood resident and chairperson of the Ashburton Aquatic Park Charitable Trust. “When I first shifted to mid Canterbury and went to Lake Hood I thought it was amazing. We moved there and have lived there ever since. It’s very unique for Canterbury and New Zealand,” she says. The story of Lake Hood began with the Ashburton Aquatic Park Charitable Trust, an entity that, over 20 years ago, set out to bring this ambitious project to life. The trust, instrumental in the lake’s initial stages of development, has continued to play an important role through the Lake Hood Extension Project, which has seen an increase in the lake’s size and the addition of beaches, canals, islands, walking and riding trails, and public promenades. Lake Hood, Leandra attests from personal experience, is not just a place to live but also a fantastic community for families with young children, offering activities like swimming, kayaking, boating, cycling and a playground. Leandra’s involvement in the project spans over 12 years, during which she has witnessed Lake Hood evolve into one of New Zealand’s leading man-made recreational lakes. Its popularity has surged in recent years, with the wider Ashburton community actively participating in activities like swimming, boating, water skiing, rowing and biking. The success of Lake Hood is not merely measured in its size and recreational offerings. Leandra emphasises the thriving community that has emerged around it. Passionate volunteers drive initiatives like establishing and maintaining the golf course, ensuring water quality, protecting the local environment and developing biking and walking tracks exemplifying the commitment to making Lake Hood the best recreational lake possible, she says. Lake Hood’s significance as an asset for the wider Mid Canterbury District is undeniable. It serves as a venue for various activities, from school events to national races and regattas. The upcoming release of new sections, Stage 15, which will offer another 70 sections, at least half of those waterfront sites, exemplifies its sustained growth. She says Lake Hood isn’t just a residential development; it’s a lifestyle. The European-inspired community design maximises waterfront space, offering residents the dream of waterfront living with other options ranging from more affordable housing to rural lifestyle blocks. There are also a range of community facilities for all to enjoy including tennis courts, boat ramps and The Lake House Restaurant & Bar. “Lake Hood has indeed transformed recreational habits in the region, offering a unique blend of resort-style living at affordable prices. Its success as a community project resonates in the economic spin-offs for the wider area, drawing visitors to mid-Canterbury and boosting local businesses,” says Leandra. As Lake Hood continues to grow, she thinks it stands as a shining example of what can be achieved through community vision, dedication, and collaboration. She says Lake Hood has become a cornerstone in Mid Canterbury’s landscape: “I really believe Lake Hood is the gem in the mid Canterbury scene and an integral aspect of the region’s vitality, alongside other attractions like Mt Hutt, Opuke Hot Pools in Methven, the Aviation Museum, and internationally recognised Trott’s Garden. It’s easy to drive through mid Canterbury and not realise all that’s on offer but hopefully now that there is increasing awareness of Lake Hood people will stop off or make a special trip here to spend some time.” “Lake Hood has indeed transformed recreational habits in the region, offering a unique blend of resort-style living at affordable prices.”