Business South May 2021

50 | Rubber Developments Covid’s silver lining for rubber firm T T Karen Phelps Rubber Developments Limited has been designing, manufacturing and selling high-quality rubber products to a wide variety of industries for over 30 years. MANUFACTURING 0800 555 770 | ATL Electrical are a Christchurch based team of experienced, passionate and professional Master Electricians, for residential, commercial and industrial projects. ELECTRICAL AUTOMATION HEAT PUMPS SECURITY W ith Covid-19 causing disruptions to the manufacturing process and sup- ply chain, the on-going issues have seen many New Zealand companies prefer- ring to buy local, which has meant a boom in business for company Rubber Developments. “We’ve picked up a number of new custom- ers who were previously sourcing product overseas as they are finding it much easier to deal with a local supplier,” says Rubber Devel- opments director Leigh Marston. With operations in Auckland and Christchurch, Rubber Developments has been well poised to deliver what local businesses need. As a sign of continued growth it also purchased the business and assets of Ham- merking Rollers in 2018, opening up a whole new avenue of business. “Previously we had been supplying raw ma- terials to Hammerking so when the director of that company decided to retire it made sense for us to continue to develop that business as a division of Rubber Developments,” he explains. Hammerking is a manufacturer of both new and recovered rubber rollers and polyure - thane rollers for a variety of industries along with a range of moulded urethane parts. These include printing, steel processing, paper and plastics, conveyor equipment, laminat­ ing and a broad range of other industrial applications. Since the takeover capacity has been expanded with the installation of new equipment meaning the Hammerking range of products has grown and will soon include large rollers for heavy industry with the purchase of a bigger lathe, which is currently being sourced. Rubber Developments Limited has been de- signing, manufacturing and selling high-quality rubber products to a wide variety of indus- tries for over 30 years. It offers a vast range available for order in addition to offering a full design and development service. All products are 100% New Zealand made. Leigh says a big point of difference is that Rubber Developments has an onsite labo- ratory and industrial chemist on staff. Also employed is a mechanical engineer – Leigh’s son Josh who is also the company general manager – resulting in the capacity to do most work in-house. Leigh says this means better quality and control over timing of projects – important as the mainstay of work is product development, which requires very skilled peo- ple to deliver the right outcomes. It also allows Rubber Developments to offer quick manu - facturing turnaround when required. Rubber compounds can also be made to international standards where necessary. The company has come a long way from when Leigh started it as a one-man band. Rubber Developments now employs 25 staff in Christchurch and 11 in Auckland and is looking to increase. It has a 4000sqm facility in Christchurch and 1000sqm facility in Auckland. A library of over 200 different formulations gives clients plenty of choice, with additional options being added as specific formulations are developed. The range of rubber types available extends to include natural, nitrile, SBR, neoprene, EPDM, PVC/nitrile, silicone, vi- ton, urethane and hypalon all in a wide range of hardness and specifications. Leigh says rubber has “fantastic properties” and can be used for a wide range of mould- ed and extruded products including sealing rings, truck deck pads, rubber bushes, bridge bearings, belting, truck buffers/bolster arms, trailer components/boat rollers, exhaust mounts, door seals for vessels, automotive, rail and bus/caravan seals, general purpose sealing cord/strip, tubing for rollers, profiles for belting, marine hatch seals and D Fenders for marinas and general impact protection. Leigh says that continual progression at Rubber Developments reflects the dynam - ic approach of the company enabling it to adapt to market forces and meet customer requirements and expectations. “Our range of facilities are some of the best in the industry and continue to be expanded to cater for an increasingly diverse customer base because the true strength of Rubber Developments is founded on customer service and satisfac- tion.” “We’ve picked up a number of new customers who were previously sourcing product overseas ...”