Business South May 2021

| 79 BUILDING Canterbury - Mount Hutt Pods Pods suited to a range of uses T Karen Phelps The archway shape of the pods is designed to withstand severe weather and has been tested at the top of Mount Hutt in 260kmh winds. 42 J B Cullen Drive, Ashburton Business Estate Ph: 03 307 0593 W: www.roo F: 03 307 0594 The only Mid Canterbury based manufacturer dedicated to using genuine Colorsteel™ made in New Zealand. • New Roofs & Re-Roof • Corrugate & 5 Rib Profile • Flashings • Fascia • Gutter • Downpipes • Steel Purlins • Weather board ® PLACEMAKERS ASHBURTON ARE PROUD TO BE SUPPORTING MT HUTT PODS M ount Hutt Pods’ stylish buildings have proved just as popular in the wake of Covid-19 but with a slightly different market. The pods have always been used by the accommodation sector but now people are increasingly using the pods for a home office. Other markets include those seeking a spare bedroom or treatment room, playhouse or backcountry hut. The pods are suited to a range of envi- ronments including urban, rural and remote wilderness. The Methven-based business is a real family affair run by Mark and Rachel Brown. Mark, a builder by trade, started building the pods in his spare time but quickly found demand meant it transformed into a full time job. Mount Hutt Pods was born in 2016. The pods are unique in both design and the fact that Mark individually handcrafts each one. It’s a highly personal service and Mark also delivers or accompanies each pod to its site. The whole family gets involved: Rachel does the administration for the business and often lends a hand on parts of the construction, as do their children. The Browns are also big on supporting local suppliers. The pods come in a variety of sizes for different uses including the Snug Pod, Family Pod, Mega Pod, Amenities Pod, Studio Pod and Side Opening Pod. Rachel says that peo- ple often group pods together, for example a pod used for a bedroom with an amenities pod with shower and toilet. The designs are also very sympathetic to the landscape and generally have a colorsteel roof and timber cladding, with all timber hand bent by Mark himself. Rachel says that the oval archway shape of the pods has been designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions faced in some parts of New Zealand. “The wind just goes straight over the top. We had one at the top of Mount Hutt facing 260kmh winds and it didn’t move an inch.” Sustainability is also important. For example insulation is made from wool, polystyrene or recycled plastic bottles. The addition of solar panels and a self-com- posting toilet mean the pods are also a good ‘off the grid’ option. Each pod is manufactured to NZ Standard NZS 3604 for timber framed. As standard they come insulated with dou- ble glazing with argon gas with the option to upgrade to thermally broken, have internal pine walls and laminate flooring. A range of finishes is available to suit specific require- ments. The pods efficient design allows for easily transportation and relocation without com- promising the structure meaning they can be transported New Zealand wide. Just some of the businesses around New Zealand with Mount Hutt Pods include Maruia Hot Springs and Mt Dimmond Pods. Due to the stylish design some people have even starting asking about the potential to group the pods together to build a full size house. Rachel says this is more than possible. “You dream it, we’ll build it.”