Business South May 2021

| 85 BUILDING Canterbury - Think Construction Thinking creatively paves the way T Kelly Deeks Think Construction specialises in residential projects, from small alterations to new home builds. Proudly supporting Think Construction & the local community Christchurch Lincoln Rakaia Banks Peninsula 2 Broughs Road, Harewood , Christchurch • Frames & Trusses • Fencing • Insulation • Framing Timber • Fascia • Steel • Roofing • Piles & Poles • Exterior Cladding • Flooring • Landscape Timber • Fastenings & Fixings • Mouldings • MDF Panels • Paper, Foils, Tapes • Plasterboard • Concrete • Decking • Plywood • Pole Sheds P: 03 359 8849 M: 027 433 5721 E: SAVE TIME ANDMONEY WHEN YOU COOSE THE RIGHT SUPPLIER T hinking outside the box happens on a daily basis for Christchurch’s Think Con- struction, a design and build specialist in renovations and extensions, new home builds, and light commercial construction. Started in 1999 by architectural draughts- man and builder Roland Lüthi, Think Construc- tion specialises in residential projects, from small alterations to new home builds. As an integrated design and build compa- ny, Think Construction is able to translate its clients’ visions directly into successful project outcomes. Roland’s design experience stands him in good stead to help his clients with all of their important design and pre-build decisions, and keeping himself up to date with current mate- rials and techniques for modern, eco-friendly construction, he advises his clients on making their energy efficiency choices with creative solutions. Exercising meticulous attention to detail and pride in his work, Roland’s clients achieve projects of the highest quality and finish. Think Construction’s building sites are kept safe and tidy, and waste kept to an absolute minimum. Think Construction uses skilled and com- petent subcontractors under Roland’s expert supervision to produce new homes and reno- vations to the highest standards of quality. Think Construction initially offered building and draughting services from in-house but as the business has grown, Roland now focuses on construction while working closely with local design firms AP Design and Sam Banks. “We do quite a few projects together,” Roland says. “I’ll refer my clients to AP Design or Sam Banks depending on their requirements, and likewise they refer their clients to me. The project I’m doing at the moment came to me from Sam.” The project is one out of the box, and one in which Think Construction’s ability to adapt and look at the bigger picture has really come to the fore. It’s the conversion of a former rest home in a quiet street in Papanui into a 57-room resi- dential boarding house called Erica Lodge. “This is very interesting stuff to go through,” Roland says. “What is required from the health and safe- ty aspect, upgrading the sanitary services and all the rooms, earthquake strengthening, and converting a commercial kitchen which was once used by professional, qualified chefs into a communal domestic kitchen more suitable for individuals to cook in.” As renovation specialist, Think Construction is adept at thinking outside the box and deal- ing with unforeseen issues as they arise. “Because we’re dealing with an existing building and we’re earthquake strengthening, at times this has been challenging. We’ve discovered the building has not been built like it says on the old plans, requiring adaptation to continuous changes to the design by Powell Fenwick Consulting, the engineers engaged for this project.” Think Construction has continued to work on other smaller projects throughout the staged construction of Erica Lodge, with the kitchen and bathroom renovation market at an all-time high in the wake of Covid-19. As a renovation specialist with a profes- sional approach, Think Construction’s work is well planned, well managed, and perfectly executed. “We take pride in our build quality,” Roland says. “Our clients enjoy the continuity of our service. “Our working relationships are based on communication and reliability, resulting in a high standard of works and client peace of mind.” As a Registered Master Builder, Think Con- struction is proud to be recognised as one of New Zealand’s premier building and construc- tion companies. As with all Registered Master Builders, Think Construction offers a proven track record in building and business, a Master Build guar- antee, and full support and backup from the local Registered Master Builders Association and the national Registered Master Builders Federation. “Our working relationships are based on communication and reliability, resulting in a high standard of works and client peace of mind.”