Business South May 2021

94 | BUILDING Central Otago - Orca Homes SIP system at centre of quality kitset build Orca Homes builds a range of affordable kitset and customised homes to suit any lifestyle or section. 022 197 2436 Orca Homes SIMPLIFIED ENERGY EFFICIENT KITSET & BESPOKE HOMES ORIGINAL RESOURCEFUL CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE 021 048 8687 | | T T Russell Fredric O rca Homes owner Vanessa Adams has a tale of two hemispheres when it comes to the methods and quality of house construction. The Wanaka-based company specialises in building high performance, thermally efficient homes based on modular construction incor - porating structurally insulated panels (SIPs) Orca Homes builds a range of affordable kit - set and customised homes to suit any lifestyle or section and its architects can make any floor plan integrate with its panel system After moving to Wanaka from England 30 years ago, Vanessa saw that the quality of the typical uninsulated Kiwi home was greatly wanting and an obvious need for efficiently built, high-performance sustainable homes. Realising that the construction industry in the United Kingdom and Europe was well ahead of New Zealand has led Vanessa to have a tremendous passion for modular design and construction methods using struc - turally insulated panels “Our SIP panels are engineered to order so builds are precise, easy to assemble and create less waste. “The customised manufacturing process ensures complex design elements are easily accomplished,” Vanessa says. “The SIP panel system provides an efficient solution with minimal labour and materials required.” Panels are insulated and prevent air leakage, reducing heating and cooling loads, allowing heating systems to work more cost effectively and Orca Homes house specifica - tions automatically include triple glazing. “Our aim is to provide our clients a high-per - forming home that stays at 18 degrees no matter what the temperature is outside, winter or summer.” An additional benefit is the houses are extremely quiet which is especially noticeable on busy streets or during high winds. The SIPs panels used by Orca Homes comprise polystyrene sandwiched between orientated strand board, a timber panel prod - uct which enables a choice of exterior cladding and interior finishing options, including plaster, standard dry-wall or various timber products. In addition to Orca Homes thermal efficien - cy, the speed of the modular construction can be a considerable advantage. The houses are supplied ex-factory com - plete with the SIPs panels, Glulam beams, alu - minium joinery and kitchen joinery, depending on the client’s specifications. Once on site, the building envelope of a kit - set three bedroom home with the aluminium joinery installed can be created in just six to 10 days and from the time of ordering, can be fully completed in just six months. Orca Homes has partnered with Craig Mc - Connell of McConnell build who specialises in the construction of the kitset modular homes. “The construction is very fast and very effi - cient and that’s where Craig comes in.” Crucial to the process is a well-prescribed method of joining the SIP components, after which the build is completed in a conventional manner. Orca Homes long-term relationship with McConnell Build provides considerable reas - surance of the quality of the finished home. “We have a professional team with a variety of skills including Orca Homes architect Keiran O’Connell who will work with you to create the home of your dreams. “Whether you require an architecturally designed home, or a more traditional kitset home, we will work with you regardless of the size and budget you require to maximise design and performance.” “Our aim is to provide our clients a high-performing home that stays at 18 degrees no matter what the temperature is outside ...”